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Angie Zapata Conviction

Some good news emerged last week from the awful murder case of Angie Zapata, a transgendered young woman who was murdered by Allen Andrade in a terrible hate crime. The conviction– first-degree murder and life in prison without parole– is a landmark decision as far as transgender hate crimes have gone.

I’m really happy about this verdict- but obviously, at the same time there is so much sadness in this whole case. Especially the part about how the defense’s argument was essentially that Andrade was justified in murdering Zapata because he was under the impression that Zapata was a biological male, and murdered because he was “in the heat of passion.”

Yes, because HE was confused about somebody else’s gender, it’s reasonable that he should want to murder the person HE was confused about. God. 

It’s just so freakin awful. First of all, I don’t really think it should be anybody’s concern how other people express their gender. Even if you think there’s something “wrong” with someone who believes they are the other gender it has nothing to do with you. Plus if you feel that negatively, I have to believe there’s some insecurity on your part that you can’t accept somebody else’s life decision.

 And it’s definitely NOT wrong. Somebody who hasn’t experienced feelings of insecurity involving gender really has no right to judge as it is. They could never know what that’s like, and therefore couldn’t know that it’s “wrong.”

I’m sending a lot of positive vibes over to the Zapata family and hope you will, too. 

Also, if you want to learn more about transgenderism or just understand it I’d recommend going here or watching this Barbara Walter’s special from a few years ago (there are 5 parts). I’d also recommend Jennifer Finney Boylan’s memoir She’s Not There: A Life in Two Genders. They’re all really interesting and there’s no downside to learning more.

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  • alroud @ at 12:53 pm, April 30th, 2009

    it does has something to do with that person if the trans person was trying to perform oral sex on that man! this is a straight man that was decieved into thinking that he was ha ing relations with a woman. if you want to lead a transgendered life, do so. but do not impose yourself on another human being in this way until you know how the other person may feel. the angie person must have known that doing aomething has tricky as he/she did, that it could and would be dangerous. stop lying!

  • Julie Z @ at 8:08 pm, April 30th, 2009

    I still maintain that she should not have been MURDERED because of her being transgendered. i’m also not sure where you are getting the information about oral sex as the account i’m aware of and linked to describes andrade as discovering photographs that made him question Zapata’s gender, and after proceeded to attack her. according to this account, if there was oral sex, it was previous and consensual.

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