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Mother’s Day Gift Guide

Next Sunday is Mother’s Day, and if you’re anything like me you forgot to get your Mom something. I love my Mom to death and I’m all about celebrating her existence and whatnot  but I’m pretty forgetful. Anyhoo here’s a gift list full of feminist sensibility. YAY for Mommys everywhere and lets see if we can get them in on the girl power. 


Lily Allen- Bust

Lily Allen- Bust


Ms. Magazine

Ms. Magazine










1) Subscription to Bust/Bitch/Ms./Lillith Magazine(s) 

All super awesome magazines with feminist sensibility. Bust and Bitch are edgy and centered around pop culture, Ms. is serious, politically involved and activist toned, and Lillith is all about the feminist Jew Crew. Since I hear the literary media is dying, let’s all lend some media-savvy sisters our support.

2) To Wear 

Wonder Woman Havaianas 

Because in my experience “Mom” is synonymous with “Wonder Woman”

Earrings 5431_1

Every Mommy deserves something pretty.

I Love Chocolate Bracelet 


Chocolate is truly the common feminine experience.


Um…I like it. That’s really it.

Pretty Candle


Next time  you do something wrong just stick it under her nose. Instant calming effect guaranteed.

3) Mom-Friendly Music

Classic: Jackson Brown, Carly Simon, James Taylor, Billy Joel (My Mom dies for these people. I think Carly Simon has been playing in my house since my single digit days)

Hipster/Adventurous: Cat Power, Death Cab for Cutie, Eric Hutchinson, Jenny Owen Youngs, Joshua Radin, Keane, Regina Spektor (all chill, but edgy. we don’t want to scare Mom away with emo-screamo)

Feminist: Beth Ditto (The Gossip), Ani DiFranco, Joan Jett, Tori Amos, Rilo Kiley

4) Books

Heavier: The God of Small Things- Arundhati Roy, Middlesex- Jeffery Eugenides, The Fountainhead- Ayn Rand, Anything by Jodi Piccoult 

Lighter: Twilight-Stephanie Meyer, Jane Austin Book Club-Karen Joy Fowler, Big Stone Gap- Adriana Trigiani, Shopaholic Series – Sophie Kinsella

Feminist: Full Frontal Feminism- Jessica Valenti, That Takes Ovaries – Rivka Solomon,  Bitchfest- Lisa Jervis, Listen Up – Barbara Findlen

And there you are! Go spoil your mama.

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  • dare2believe @ at 8:21 am, September 17th, 2009

    The ideas are good! Too bad my mom doesn;t speak english, so most wonuldn’t work.

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