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Hollywood Vomit

what Hollywood and celebrity have become...

 We have fostered a society where talentless celebrities have come to rule our culture.  This is our own fault.  The false relationships that we have created with these beautiful and famous people have become obsessive to the point of megalomania.  Living through their lives and investing interest into their love lives, rehab stints, and other serious “problems” has proved to be a successful distraction from the difficult reality of our world.

Drastic changes in the hairstyles of strung-out pop-stars have seeped into the headlines of the national news and CNN alongside news about a continuous war of which some remain completely misinformed and unaware its existence.  These “stars” have become more influential on our society than our government and on our government itself.  Any mindless couch potato or gossip rag reader has no better reason to vote for a presidential candidate than an endorsement from their favorite celeb. 

Chuck Norris supports Huckabee...yup good enough for me

"Chuck Norris supports Huckabee...yup good enough for me"

 The most famous people today have become so for the most prestigious reasons such as: poorly acting out lines written by someone else, possessing a trademark body part/s, singing along to highly censored and produced music written and composed by someone else, having a trademark style of clothes designed by someone else, posting a popular youtube video, being married to famous athletes, mindlessly endorsing products, and/or acting like complete fools on low budget reality television.  Celebrities are granted enormous amounts of power and attention for such inspiring reasons.  The amount of unearned entitlement is astounding.

These are our role models, our idols.  We unapologetically indulge in every aspect of their lives.  We always crave for more vital details such as guessing the name of which fruit they will give to their children, drug scandals, exciting secrets regarding sexual orientation, “what they are totally into this week?!”, and of course, love lives!

nuf said

'nuf said

The point of interest has become increasingly invasively disgusting.  The constant harsh criticism of their bodies is not only accepted but in demand.  The headlines “Best and Worst Beach Bodies” are sprawled across tabloids seemingly every other week.  Extreme close-ups point out miniscule amounts of pimples, bruises, and cellulite accompanied with ridiculous captions remarking on the atrocities.  Because we don’t put these people on the same level as “normal people” we expect them to be manifestations of everything that we consider to be beautiful and perfect.  This obviously creates insecurities and unrealistic expectations of beauty for both women and men.

stars without make up...the horror

stars without make up...the horror

The amount of available mindless television has become absolutely mind numbing and deceptively brainwashing.  The perpetual famed faux searches for love, obviously scripted reality series portraying rich cosmopolitan lifestyles–in addition to an endless list of plastic surgical programming are un-ending.  These shows promote the same, predictable, coveted lives of the usually young, white, heterosexual, abnormally beautiful, rich and famous people. They are utterly boring and demeaning; these are clearly false representations of what is living American/Western culture.

It is time for us, as “the people” to challenge the worthiness and power these celebrities are given.  Protest tabloids reality television, and star-struck-ness, refuse to give these people the entitlement they have come to expect.  Stop watching Rock of Love Twenty Seven, put down the tabloid, ex out of Perezhilton.com and get a reality check.

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  • kat @ at 11:38 am, July 15th, 2009

    i’m so glad there’s another teen out there who actually reads into the celebrity hype the same way i do. good job, keep it up!

  • FinalWhiteDove @ at 2:15 pm, July 15th, 2009

    Whilst, I wholeheartedly agree with what you are saying in this, I believe that it will be very difficult to break our superficial relationships with these shows and people because of the inanity of our own lives.

    Also, I do have a question, should we be star-struck as you so aptly put it by truly talented people? Or should we just play it down and treat them like normal people? Personally I find this difficult,

    I mean you can keep the Paris Hiltons and all those other useless people, but I mean truly talented people and yes I know thats subjective but is that okay or does it go against the grain or point of this post/blog?

  • TattooedLunaChic @ at 2:30 pm, July 15th, 2009

    Preach it young grasshoppa!
    So true, and so sad…

  • Ellen @ at 3:01 pm, July 15th, 2009

    I totally agree with it all! I mean how do people get totally sucked in and engrossed in what celebrities eat every day! I believe the media has had a huge hand in the dwindling self esteem of teenage girls everywhere. The sooner we realise that Megan Fox DOESNT EVEN LOOK LIKE MEGAN FOX the better


  • Amanda @ at 4:33 pm, July 15th, 2009

    “Stars Without Make-Up?” No. “WOMEN Without Make-Up.”

    Have you ever seen a male get so slammed for failing to shave for a few days, looking like Sasquatch, or leaving the house in sweats?

    So ladies, don’t leave the house without make-up…or else!

  • Jess @ at 8:18 am, July 16th, 2009

    I’ve found the best solution is to simply ignore it all. Just don’t buy it, don’t watch it, don’t acknowledge it. It might not change anything but at least you’re keeping your own mind and standards out of the gutter.

    I listen to 80s music, not crap radio today (except Beyonce, she’s cool…and hates Twitter lol!)

    I watch Lost or Supernatural, not reality TV. Gimme a fantasy island series made by creative minds any day!

    I read NOVELS not tabloid magazines. Why pay money for hate and lies when I can delve into a carefully constructed piece of literature?

    I visit fbomb and feministing not perez hilton.

  • Abby @ at 7:02 pm, July 16th, 2009

    I agree.
    The difference between celeb with the make up and everything else is disgusting. I hope that we can stop that.

  • Tilda Silker @ at 12:50 am, January 12th, 2010

    What a concidence because I was surfing around to find more information on this topic yesterday when I found your really helpful post…thanks a million for sharing your thoughts. I will surely be checking up on your blog and visiting again to read new articles.BTW since when have you been keeping a blog? :)

  • A @ at 9:55 pm, September 16th, 2010

    I agree completely. Excellent article!

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