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How a Teenager Outsmarted Multi-Billion Dollar Company


Ari "baller" Weinstein

Ari Weinstein is 15. As a preschooler, he changed his family’s computer settings. At 7 he created a website and hacked AOL’s parental controls. In sixth grade, he jailbreaked his iPod mini to get free games. Two years ago he jailbreaked his iPod touch in an evening and simplified it into iJailbreak software, which was downloaded a million times. 

He most recently jailbreaked the iPhone and iPod touch with some friends. For funsies. And Apple hasn’t even stopped them because, here’s the kicker: it’s legal. This, my friends, is why our generation is going to completely take over the world.

“Apple doesn’t have the right to tell me what I can put on my phone. I only do hacking that helps people.” Says Ari. He adds, that it’s Apple’s “job to stop them from breaking in.”

The coolest part is that Ari is part of a “hacking” group, a collection of mega-geniuses from all over the world who enjoy destroying the painstaking hours of work Apple put into creating an unhackable software. They’re called the Chronic Dev Team, which is so freakin badass I can’t even stand it. 

Seriously, I kind of want to get in on it. Challenging one of the biggest companies in the entire world and winning has always been one of my dreams. Add technology and my geekfriends and I’m rearing to go! If only I didn’t grapple daily just to figure out basic technological commands like “import iTunes library,” maybe Ari would let me into his club…if only…

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