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Perez starts a record label


Apparently the rumors (that I never actually hard about) have been confirmed and Perez Hilton is launching an imprint with Warner Brothers “in the near future.”

Perez states, “I have an ear, which is really important in the music world — to be able to hear a hit and to be able to know who has a good song or not…I’m more than just an A&R person. I’m also a marketing person. I’m also a manager.”

There has been a lot of commentary about Perez in the feminist world lately. I guess people just noticed, oh hey he’s kind of  misogynistic in the way that he criticizes women about the way look for his living. Which obviously I can’t stand and think is wrong. But he also criticizes men. A lot. The solution I’ve come to is not necessarily misogyny…rather misanthropy. Perez hates all creatures, large and small, man and woman. 

But the thing is he did totally spot Mika and Lady Gaga way before they went mainstream (he introduced Gaga over a year ago). That’s pretty significant. And though people may call him sexist, he seems to have a lot of respect for Beth Ditto, Sia and even Tori Amos – some bitchin feminists. He also introduced me via “Music Minute” posts to the unique likes of Emiliana Torrini and Hafdis Huld…quality indie folks.

Gotta say…I’m kind of interested to see what he’s got up his sleeve. He’s obviously got an ear for some good tunes…

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  • Jess @ at 11:37 pm, July 13th, 2009

    Perez certainly doesn’t hate gay men. But he does hate everything else.

    Anyway, anyone who uses the word “faggot” to garner a reaction in someone doesn’t deserve all the fame and money he gets.

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