A Little F'd Up | Posted by Julie Z on 08/3/2009

Poll Question Contest RESULTS

So, like I said before, the fbomb desperately needs a new poll question. And just as I thought this, the website racks and stands noticed the fbomb and wanted to give something away to you guys. And if they want to give you free crap, who am I to stop them? I love you all and want to shower you with presents. 


Especially one as awesome as a mini fridge. I mean, come on! A MINI FRIDGE! I think I’m probably way too obsessed with food and the convenience a mini fridge provides. But not just the winner benefits from this contest- you all get to vote on a new question! Yayyy.

The winner was Julia G. with the question: 

What was the first purposefully feminist thing you ever did? 

started reading feminist blogs
became a women’s rights activist 
called out sexist attitudes when you encountered them 
felt a heightened awareness of gender roles in your everyday life


Thanks to everybody who entered- there were a lot of great questions! 

The new poll question will be up and running very soon!

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