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Rachel Phipps 2008

Rachel Phipps 2008

Yes, Fashion Activism!

I’ve written a couple of posts for the FBomb before now, and the first one was about feminism and the fashion industry, and, to be honest, opinions about it were really quite mixed – something I’d anticipated.

This post, too is about fashion, but I think it’s something that everyone can agree on. At least, I hope it is!

So…I run a website called British Style Bloggers (please don’t let the “British” bit put you off straight away, non-Brits!) and a little while back, we launched our Fashion Activism campaign, asking readers to help us prevent climate change because of the Copenhagen Summit. That campaign was such a success that we’ve decided to start a whole new campaign for the new year – a campaign of positive body image.

We’re not preaching the anti-anorexia line again and again like so many similar campaigns, because, to be honest, we think it’s been done before, and that people are beginning to ignore it. We want to make a genuine difference, by changing the way people see themselves, regardless of shape, size, race, gender, hair or skin colour… or anything else. We want people to be happy as themselves.

To make this work, though, we need as much support as we can get, from as many people and places as possible, and so I’m writing this today to ask you for your help. I’ve been overwhelmed by the support we’ve had so far – I even had six emails on CHRISTMAS DAY offering help and I haven’t even had chance to check the site’s analytics yet! – but for this to have as wide reaching an effect as we’d like, we need more support.

We’d like to create a campaign video, showing the world that every one of us is unique, and that everyone has something about themselves that they like, and something that they loathe. So, we’re asking you to do one of two things (or both) –
1) Send a photo of yourself that you really like – one that makes you feel really good about yourself, to us...
2) Send us a short video clip which has not been uploaded to any video sharing site, including YouTube, telling the camera what makes you unique. Videos should be compatible with Windows XP (.wmv form, I think!)

If you’re even slightly inclined to help us, please please please click HERE or email ukstylebloggers [at] googlemail [dot] com (ukstylebloggers@googlemail.com) for more information…

Any help you can offer – any help at all – would be a wonderful blessing.
Happy holidays, and we look forward to hearing from you (regardless of where you’re from, I might add!)!

– Amy and the whole BSB team -

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  • Steph @ at 8:03 pm, December 28th, 2009

    Hmm – seems interesting. I may just send you guys a video file. Also, just so we’re clear, we don’t have to be all that interested in fashion, do we? I’m kind of butch/androgynous, so fashion and I have a bit of a love/hate relationship.

  • Alex Catgirl @ at 11:00 am, December 29th, 2009

    I think it’s a good idea if you can find enough statistically average people to contribute.

    Statistically average is very important, otherwise your very diverse photo spread /video diary will look just as contrived as the catwalk shows where all the girls look like they could be cousins :D :D :D

  • Amy CT @ at 3:24 am, December 30th, 2009

    @Steph No, no interest in fashion whatsoever is necessary – just an interest in making people feel good about themselves :) A video would be lovely :)

    @AlexCatgirl I know what you mean… Despite running the site, I’m not a very fashion-y person (how I got into this is a very odd story) and so that worries me, too…

    But the submissions we’ve had so far have been so far-ranging and diverse that I think we’re doing Ok… except that they’re all female :-/

    I’m just crossing my fingers that it all comes together – the video, after-all, is only the start ;)

  • Steph @ at 3:12 am, December 31st, 2009

    Ooh, amy-if you’re worried about variety in that sense, I’ll try and link some male (and other gendered) friends to the project.

  • Gabicci @ at 5:07 pm, March 16th, 2010

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