A Little F'd Up | Posted by Julie Z on 12/6/2009

Just Got Home And…

So today I just got home from the SDLC (Student Diversity Leadership Conference)…and found out that I had about 200 comments waiting for approval, most of them coming from the post “Corduroy Skirts are a Sin.”

And all I can say is…holy crap, I love you guys so much. The debate on that post is insanely amazing and was fascinating to read. I’m glad so many people found it interesting and that people all over the world were able to hear about Chris Pesto’s amazing activism.

But I also want to say I’m really sorry that so many of you had to wait that long to have your comments approved! They’re all up there now — I was NOT trying to silence anyone, which a few people seemed worried about, I just didn’t have access to the internet.

Anyway. Thank you guys for an awesome welcome home =)

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  • Steph @ at 7:30 pm, December 6th, 2009

    How was the conference? Are you going to be posting about it later on?

  • Xenu01 @ at 7:54 pm, December 6th, 2009

    Ah. Sorry if I overreacted- it just looked a little bit weird, most especially when 1) there were comments that were approved a couple of days after mine, and 2)none of them were in the slightest way critical of male feminists, as mine was. I thank you for explaining what happened, and for approving my comments.

  • Renee @ at 2:14 pm, June 1st, 2011

    Holy Crap! That was one of the longest threads I have ever seen in my life…and while I wanted ti comment after seeing the horrible hates from both sides…i gave up…oh and it was made twice as long based on the fact that I was on my palm :D lol

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