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Support Women Artists Sunday: Caitlin Crosby

Caitlin Crosby

Caitlin Crosby

Caitlin Crosby is an artist who gives me hope for the pop music genre.

Rarely in pop music do you hear a young woman singing about body acceptance, but that’s exactly what Caitlin Crosby sings about.  Her songs Imperfect is the New Perfect, and Flawz preach acceptance, and loving yourself for you.

with lyrics like

“I don’t wanna look like you because
You’re too perfect, too perfect
And I don’t want to fill your shoes because
It’s not worth it, it’s not worth it
I don’t fit the mold
I am real
Too colorful to conceal
Imperfect is the new perfect”


“Just dry your eyes, you’re beautiful
I understand, it’s logical
‘Cause these images are everywhere
They’ll make believe, so don’t compare
I will not compare
We’re every shape and size
You know we’re just perfect, just perfect
We love our hips, our thighs
Because they’re just perfect, just perfect
I don’t fit the mold, I am real
I’m too colorful to conceal
Imperfect is the new perfect”

Caitlin Crosby’s songs reveal how futile it is to try and look like the photoshopped women in magazines, how silly it is to try and be something you’re not, and how it is more perfect to be yourself, flaws and all.  Her words of body acceptance can help raise self esteem instead of trying to tear it down through the unrealistic ideals presented by mainstream media.  Crosby’s work is so unlike anything else out there.  It’s amazing to have a pop singer remind the audience that everyone is amazing and beautiful.

Imperfect is the New Perfect


Caitlin Crosby on iTunes:Caitlin

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  • *A* @ at 7:30 pm, October 3rd, 2010

    i can’t even believe that someone is making this stuff; it’s just SO awesome. ;)

  • Holly @ at 7:51 pm, October 3rd, 2010

    first comment on the first video’s page: “Too bad this chick looks like? perfect =_=”
    and I won’t lie, I was thinking, “how does she not fit the mold?”
    it is a rad song, though.

  • Fusion1 @ at 4:23 pm, October 4th, 2010

    Thoughtful article by Jenae S. I enjoyed it.

  • Jen @ at 8:17 pm, October 5th, 2010

    OMG I heard her a few weeks ago on that “5-star” notebook website (and got some of her songs cause i bought the notebook).

    I friggen love her songs! And her message…Though I do agree with holly. It would have a stronger impact (i think) if this chick didnt look so fricken gorgeous!
    But whatever. I still lvoe her and HOPE SO MUCH that she dosnt change (like so many other artists that started off rad)

  • Halley Moseman @ at 4:44 am, November 30th, 2010

    I found this to be very good. I have went through and read many of your articles. They are good!

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