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Support Women Artists Sunday: Lia Ices

Lia Ices: album to be released in 2011

Lia Ices: album to be released in 2011

Brooklyn, NY-based pianist, singer, and songwriter Lia Ices was born and raised in Connecticut, where she began playing piano at the age of five, although she didn’t discover her penchant for songwriting until years later while studying at N.Y.U.’s famed Tisch School of the Arts’ Experimental Theater Wing. Sounding a bit like Tori Amos in a Cat Power world, Ices quickly captured attention in the area, eventually releasing the eight-song album Necima in 2008 with Nicolas Vernhes’ Rare Book Room Records.

via Billboard.com

Grown Unknown

Half Life

Lia Ices on iTunes:Lia Ices

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  • Ashley @ Nourishing the Soul @ at 3:10 pm, December 12th, 2010

    What an unique voice! Thanks for introducing Lia!

  • Helen H @ at 4:35 pm, December 14th, 2010

    I love these posts. Thank you so much for doing them :)

    I think the time is ripe for a Tori Amos SWAS. Yes, she is not “new” but she has done loads to open up the area of female confessional songwriting. She co-founded RAINN. All of her albums are what I would call feminist. Good stuff.

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