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Redefining Rape

Ever since Roe vs Wade legalized abortion, the fight against it has been strong, and in a lot of attempts successful. The Hyde Amendment prohibited federal funding for abortion, unless it fit certain criteria established in the bill. This year, a new bill has been proposed by the GOP which will limit the rights of women once again. This new bill proposes a new definition of rape. It states that only women who have been “forcibly raped” will receive federal funding for their abortion.

It’s very difficult and disturbing to pin point what counts as “forcible rape,” because it is my understanding that the meaning of rape according to Merriam Webster is “to seize and take away by force.”  There is that word “force” right in the definition. How dare anyone try to redefine the word when it comes to a right given to every women by her government? Every woman seeking an abortion after being raped now has to fight for her right to choose. She has to prove that her right to choose her sexual partner was taken away from her in order for her to have the right to choose which was given to her by Roe Vs. Wade.

I urge everyone who not only supports abortion rights, but anyone who supports woman rights to sign the petition on moveon.org to stop this bill in its tracks. The passage of this bill will not only limit abortion rights, but undermine the power of women, by saying putting a price on an event as traumatic as rape.

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  • wandering-dreamer @ at 5:24 pm, February 9th, 2011

    I saw this on FB and wrote to my local congressman right afterwards (sadly he’s a Republican so I don’t think it did much good but it’s still better than not voting at all). Really hope it doesn’t go through since that new definition of rape is crazy, I worry that it would make it harder to prosecute date rape (ie, slipping someone drugs and then doing the dirty deal) and so many other things.

  • RAPE @ at 7:58 pm, February 9th, 2011

    Rape is terrible!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Goldbrick @ at 8:56 pm, February 9th, 2011

    That legislation doesn’t appear to be denying one’s right to get an abortion. It is denying federal funding to someone seeking an abortion under different circumstances. You seem to be misconstruing the effects.

  • A @ at 11:02 pm, February 9th, 2011

    those jusitifiers of “rape” are just preposterous. rape is rape- forced, nonconsensual sex. your article was very well articulated- good job!

  • Liz @ at 1:21 am, February 10th, 2011

    Thankfully, the reaction of sane people to the “forcible rape” idea has led to the GOP taking that language out. However, they are still trying to limit abortion access in a really despicable and heartless way that will endanger women and really limit a woman’s right to bodily autonomy. You can sign the petition called, “We Won’t Go Back to the Back Alley” here


  • Julie Kinnear @ at 3:16 pm, February 10th, 2011

    I don’t agree with everything they are doing but I think abortion should be the last possible solution and the provision which has introduced the so-called waiting periods may really help women to think twice about this crucial step.

  • NWOslave @ at 9:37 pm, February 12th, 2011

    Sex by surprise, feeling used or betrayed, having regrets or feeling sluty. Wanting attention, hiding a trist from your lover or husband, being drunk, feeling presured or coerced or any number of reasons for “claiming” rape is not rape. There is only one type of rape and that is being pysically forced into having sex.

    The end product of a successful abortion is a dead baby. The only people who are pro abortion are those that haven’t been aborted.

  • Ariel @ at 3:20 am, February 13th, 2011

    In response to Julie Kinnear- why do women need mandatory waiting periods to help them “think twice” about getting an abortion? For most women, getting an abortion is already the result of some deep, long thinking. To say that women need mandatory waiting periods in order to “think twice” about what they are doing is patronizing and insulting.

    And as for you, NWOslave- feeling used, betrayed, or regretful can be (completely understandably) emotions one would feel after being raped, although I have never heard it argued that that is rape in and of itself. As for feeling “slutty” I am not quite sure what exactly you mean, but it sounds as though you are blaming women for having sex in the first place, which is the most disgusting sort of victim blaming. Feeling pressured or coerced into having sex, or being taken advantage of while drunk are all common scenarios in which rape, which is forcible in and of itself, occurs.
    Saying that the end product of a successful abortion is a dead baby is sensationalistic and simplifies the complex and multifaceted issue. If you do not believe in abortion, then don’t have one, but forcing your beliefs on others through legislation is wrong.

  • Ariel @ at 3:26 am, February 13th, 2011

    Huh, seems I missed a few of the invalid points that NWOslave made. When you say “Sex by surprise” I am assuming you mean penetrating someone while they are sleeping. A sleeping person cannot give consent. Having sex with someone who is physically unable to give consent is physically forcible rape. Listing “wanting attention, having a tryst from your husband or lover” is just insulting, and insinuates that many women claim rape in order to get attention or avoid the consequences of their action, which is statistically false.

  • Abo @ at 9:20 am, February 13th, 2011

    Rape is not medical treatment but rather an elective surgery. It should not be subsidized by tax payers unless the woman was forcibly raped.

    Otherwise if she was drinking and intoxicated and got pregnant this way it is not rape. I, as a tax payer do not want to pay for an elective surgery.

  • Ariel @ at 1:24 pm, February 13th, 2011

    I have never heard of anyone getting pregnant after drinking alcohol. Last I heard, pregnancy is a result of sexual intercourse. Soooo not quite sure what the hell you are talking about Abo

  • Maxine @ at 1:27 pm, February 13th, 2011

    @Abo I’m also certain that 1/4 of a penny will not be missed by anyone, that’s how much money goes to federal funding for abortions.

  • NWOslave @ at 7:14 pm, February 13th, 2011

    In response to Ariel you said, “Listing “wanting attention, having a tryst from your husband or lover” is just insulting, and insinuates that many women claim rape in order to get attention or avoid the consequences of their action, which is statistically false.”

    Here’s a site, read this and be informed…http://falserapearchives.blogspot.com/2009/06/archives-of-sexual-behavior-feb-1994.html

    Here’s a few exerps…

    Attention/Sympathy-Getting Device
    Although this device seems to be the most extravagant
    use for which a false rape charge is made, it is also the
    most socially harmless in that no one was identified as the
    rapist. Approximately 18% (n = 8) of the false charges
    clearly served this function.

    Essentially, this category involved a false rape report as a
    means of retaliating against a rejecting male.
    Twenty-seven percent (n = 12) of the cases clearly
    seemed to serve this function.

    Alibi Function
    Of the 45 cases of false charges, over one-half (56%, n =
    27) served the complainants’ need to provide a plausible
    explanation for some suddenly foreseen, unfortunate
    consequence of a consensual encounter, usually sexual,
    with a male acquaintance.

    Of the total rape cases 41% were declared false accusation’s before ever going to trial. The men who were accused had their lives destroyed for attention, revenge and aliby. The “victim” women have their names protected and served no time.

    Here’s a link to the outlandish laws protecting false accuser’s.

    The next time you see a homeless man or a drunk or a bum, that’s what a falsely accused looks like. A man’s name stays on the sexual predator registry just from a mere accusation from a woman. Right now there are hundred’s of thousands of men who have been falsely accused and are living on the fringes of society. Eventually the munber will reach critical mass, this is a timebomb waiting to go off.

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