Awareness | Posted by Julie Z on 02/5/2011

Saturday Vids: The Making of a Girl

Research shows that sex trafficking spikes on Super Bowl Sunday. But what exactly does sex trafficking in America look like?

What You Can Do

– Help pass a Federal Bill to increase direct support services to young sex trafficking survivors and resources to address and combat sex trafficking.  Women’s Funding Alliance on Facebook will be glad to keep you updated on that.

– Use Super Bowl Sunday as an opportunity to teach the boys and men in your life how to have healthy relationships free from violence.

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  • Katherine C. @ at 9:50 pm, February 5th, 2011

    That was chilling.

  • Morgan @ at 10:39 pm, February 5th, 2011

    What an amazing video, so captivating and great story.

  • Quinc @ at 4:21 am, February 7th, 2011

    It’s a very real sequence of events as I understand it. They specifically target young women who have faced abuse because well, they’re a lot less likely to object to more abuse, and of course if the pimp is the only person who pays them compliments…These pimps know exactly what they’re doing.

    Though to be so intimate with someone and yet do such horrible things to them for money…

    Ironically it seems that the Super Bowl Sex Trafficking is a myth. had a post mentioning with a link (below) with another link with more examples of identical scares usually with resulting police crack-downs that find absolutely nothing. Not just superbowls, but sporting events around the world have had fake scares and fruitless police crack downs.

    There are both empowered sex workers who are healthy and feel good about their jobs, and young women manipulated and forced into sex work of all sorts.
    Unfortunately determining how many of either type is difficult, and basically impossible in countries where prostitution is illegal either way.

    One is like consensual sex, but with money changing hands, and the other is basically just rape, but with money changing hands. But unfortunately law makers and even most activists don’t see or care about the difference.

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