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Some Feminist Musings on Hop

I recently saw the movie Hop (free advanced preview tickets!), which was fun, considering the last time I was at the movies was to see Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince. (I know, it’s pathetic.) Before I say anything else, I want to say that Hop was adorable, full of fuzzy bunnies and fluffy cotton tails, and I genuinely enjoyed it.

(SPOILER ALERT) The movie is about E.B. (Russell Brand), a teenaged rabbit that wants to be a drummer but has to become the next Easter Bunny. He runs from Easter Island to Hollywood, where he meets Fred O’Hare (James Marsden) and moves in with him as he pursues a career. On Easter Island, Carlos (Hank Azaria), the Easter Bunny’s second-in-command, wants to take E.B.’s place as the next Easter Bunny, but revolts when he is not allowed to. Meanwhile, the Easter Bunny’s secret service, the Pink Berets, think that Fred killed E.B. and take him to Easter Island amid the rebellion. When E.B. finds Fred gone, he goes to Easter Island and finds Fred and his father imprisoned. Fred and E.B. stop Carlos and end up becoming co-Easter Bunnies.

While I really loved the movie, there were a few things that irked me about it.

The beginning of the movie showed portraits of past Easter Bunnies. Every one was male. This kinda bothered me. I mean, why does the Easter Bunny have to be male? Can’t a female bunny deliver chocolate eggs and candy just as well as a male bunny can? (I’m Jewish, so I don’t get any candy Easter time, but still. It would be nice to know that all the Christian kids can have some egalitarianism.)

The Pink Berets, the Easter Bunny’s secret service, were the only three female rabbits in the movie. I absolutely loved the fact that the movie portrayed them as tough ninja-bunnies who could still have a touch of femininity. However, the whole “girls are pink” thing does annoy me to an extent. I also found it a little disturbing that they never talked. What, girls can be tough, as long as they keep their mouths shut?

The antagonist of the movie, Carlos, not only had a Spanish name, but even had an accent. Why did the creators of the movie feel the need to make the character we’re all supposed to hate Latinos, while giving E.B. and the Easter Bunny British accents? We’re supposed to like people from England, but not Mexico?

I liked the fact that Fred’s sister was supposed to hold an extremely responsible position, to the point that her boss trusted her to housesit and that she was able to get Fred a job interview. However, at the end of the movie, when Fred showed his family that he was the new Easter Bunny, they complimented the O’Hare matriarch on her cooking. To me, this just enforces all those “women belong in barefoot and pregnant in the kitchen” mindset. Why couldn’t Mr. O’Hare have cooked some of the meal? Why was it taken for granted that Ms. O’Hare would prepare the food? I know this is a small, rather insignificant detail, but still.

Again, I absolutely adored Hop – it was extremely cute, very touching, and the animation was impressive. There were, however, some elements that I felt detracted from my complete and total enjoyment of the fluff.

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  • Sara @ at 9:33 pm, April 28th, 2011

    I think you’re being just a TAD bit nit-picky. :-/

  • Nereida @ at 7:14 am, April 29th, 2011

    I wasn’t offended by the fact that “Carlos” was latino (I’m Argentinean/Spanish). His accent was a bit weird anyways…in some parts he sounded Russian. But yes, there were almost no women in this movie…and it was aimed at young kids…

  • firefly @ at 8:15 pm, April 29th, 2011

    @Nereida: “But yes, there were almost no women in this movie…and it was aimed at young kids…”

    Excuse me, I’m a little confused. Are you saying that movies for children should have more women or less?

    For all movies, I personally think that there should be more female role models who play a bigger role, instead of being just a romantic interest or relative.

  • Peggy @ at 1:45 pm, April 30th, 2011

    “I know this is a rather small, insignificant detail but still.”

    Yes, exactly. It IS a rather small, insignificant detail. Just like everything else you mentioned.

  • Josie @ at 4:55 pm, April 30th, 2011

    When I saw this post I thought you’d be talking about the bunnies visit to the playboy mansion. I haven’t seen hop, but my Mum said that bit really annoyed her. Interesting article though.

  • Nereida @ at 3:12 pm, May 1st, 2011

    @firefly, I was saying that there SHOULD be more women, if there are not, what is that showing kids? “Sorry, you don’t have a big role to play, girls?” sorry if I wasn’t clear.

  • Talia bat Pessi @ at 5:01 pm, May 1st, 2011

    I know I’m being picky in this article, but these things really irked me as I was watching the movie.

    I didn’t even think of the visit to the Playboy Mansion, actually, as I was writing this article. While amusing, that was irritating, yes.

  • JFV @ at 8:47 pm, May 3rd, 2011

    Well, if I makes you feel any better, I don’t remember the last movie I saw before I saw Hop.
    I do have to say, though, that I noticed the Pink Berets’ silence too, and I also thought it was strange that the only noises they make were little squeaks. I suppose part of the reasoning may have been silent ninja communication between members – it did make them more mysterious.

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