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A Rant About My Sexist Week

what the "Funny Sexist" thinks is funny and what pisses me off

what the "Funny Sexist" thinks is funny and what pisses me off

There has been too much sexism is surrounding me this week and it’s really getting me down.

To start, a boy I know who I considered one of my friends and who knew about my intolerance for sexism thought it’d be really hilarious to pull the: “Do you want to hear a joke? Women’s rights” joke on me. The first couple of times he said this I ignored him. But then after a few more times, I told him to fuck off. He has continued to repeat it to me all of this week. The worst thing is, he’s not even just being a jerk because he thinks it’s funny, he even said “It’s hard for a man not to be sexist,” which I find utterly appalling. It’s pretty damn easy for a man to not be sexist. I know some men struggle due to their lack of decency/brain cells, but I found that statement really offensive.

Secondly, we watched a play that was supposedly to be about ‘road safety’ in school. The play was pretty rubbish and irrelevant to the topic, but what annoyed me the most was the frequency of sexist jokes, especially towards the end of the play which involved a mock ‘chat show’ that involved our participation as an audience. One of the characters, a male, was portrayed as a bit of an arsehole. Now, granted, it was in his character to act like an arsehole but one of the jokes during the audience participation was: “The only thing a woman should be driving is a washing machine.” How is this kind of joke acceptable? Especially in a SCHOOL, in front of an easily influenced group of teenagers. This joke wouldn’t have been so bad if it were in context, like if it were in a play that was supposed to show how sexism still exists in society, if it were used to represent and teach against misogyny, but it wasn’t. It was pretty irrelevant and unnecessary to the play. This joke received a disheartening, disgusting amount of jeering and agreeable laughter from an awful lot of the boys in my year. If it had have been a racist or homophobic joke made, there is no way the staff would have let the theater company get away with this, and it wouldn’t have even been told in the first place. So why is sexism still okay?

Lastly, I came across the Twitter account The Funny Sexist. Reading through this page makes me feel physically sick and even more furious by the amount of followers it has received. It is completely and totally disrespectful to women. I can’t understand how anybody finds this page funny, appropriate or acceptable. The photos that the page have posted feature a photo of a woman holding a sign saying “30% of women killed are murdered by their boyfriends or husbands” and then a slogan underneath saying “30% of women should have just shut the fuck up.” The page encourages domestic abuse, and even murder of women: full blown misogyny at its best. Why the fuck has this page not been taken down? With the amount of followers it has received, I can’t imagine it’s slipped under the radar of the professionals at Twitter HQ. I urge you all to report these pages to Twitter, as well as reporting the Facebook equivalent of The Funny Sexist.

Here’s to hoping that next week’s better.

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  • Emma E @ at 2:55 pm, November 23rd, 2011

    I had a sexist, anti-abortion, and homophobic week, most of which was perpetrated my teachers at my Catholic school. Not sure why I felt the need to share that, but I always feel better knowing that someone else feels as pissed off as I do about something. It really sucks to be pissed off alone.

    Anyway, hope you have a better week next week! :)

  • Chica. @ at 4:38 pm, November 23rd, 2011

    That sucks. Most of my friends who had previously made sexist jokes regularly have learned to cool it, at least around me.

    What happened that was sexist, anti-abortion, and homophobic, Emma?

    Although, if you go to a Catholic school, I can imagine that a lot falls under those three categories…

  • Vanessa M @ at 2:36 am, December 1st, 2011

    I can’t believe people like these exist. Actually, I can, since our world is the absolute epitome of messed up.

    I am losing my hope for humanity.

  • Julia @ at 11:51 am, December 1st, 2011

    I am totally with you — that 30% poster is truly messed up. I wish all those “following” the tweetfeed would just take some responsibility for their own complacency — because it translates to lives of fear and abuse for many women.

  • Johannah @ at 11:45 pm, December 1st, 2011

    The worst part is that a decent percentage of his followers are probably women…who are for some inexplicable reason okay with this.

  • Victoria L @ at 7:19 pm, March 6th, 2012

    My jaw practically hit the ground in shock and disgust when I saw that ’30 women should have shut the fuck up’ picture. This basically saying that this guy thinks at it is hilarious that women were KILLED by people who were supposed to be the ones who were trusted and loved them. Also he is implying that it is a woman’s own fault if she is abused or murdered by her lover/husband. The horrific excuse for a human being is actually making me feel physically sick.

  • Jennie @ at 5:18 am, December 2nd, 2012

    I am sorry you had an awful week! The positive thing is that you have a feminist consciousness and can call a sexist remark or poster out when you see it. Sadly, most women ARE murdered and raped by the men closest to us. We are taught when we are young girls that all of our relatives and loved ones are automatically “good” when sometimes this is far from the truth. It is sad that we have to always be on guard with our lives and safety due to the patriarchy, but knowledge is power. Thanks for sharing your writing!

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