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A Plead To Hollywood: I Hate Romance Movies

The only funny/entertaining thing to come from this movie

The only funny/entertaining thing to come from this movie

Have you seen the trailer for “The Vow”? If you haven’t, go watch it. But, be warned, you may vomit.

In the film, a loving couple’s lives are destroyed after a car accident gives the wife amnesia therefore the husband must make her fall back in love with him. “The Vow” has all the ingredients for the perfect, cringe-inducing romance movie: a stunning couple, their flawless relationship, and a tragic incident that tears them apart. The only thing it seems to be missing is that it isn’t based off of a book by Nicholas Sparks.

Romance movies are, to put it lightly, just not my thing (full disclosure: I do have a soft spot for “When Harry Met Sally” but really, who doesn’t?) I hate how generally unrealistic they are, how they portray people as goon-eyed love freaks, how sappy they are, and how there is such an element of drama.

I am not against the fantasy of films. I think that movies are a great escape from reality and that they all create idealistic worlds. But romance movies take that idea too far. They create an entirely new universe, one that I don’t wish to be a part of.

I do not want to be written a letter every day. I do not want somebody to show up at my door confessing their secret desire for me. I do not want to be woken up at 3am with a boombox playing a stupid song. And I most definitely do not want to kiss in the rain. I prefer to stay dry, thank you very much.

So please, Hollywood, can we make a deal and stop making these horribly cheesy, unrealistic romance movies? Let’s start showing the funnier aspects of love and life, the most reasonable things that happen that people can relate to. Let’s erase this genre of movies that seem to always require a box of tissues and chocolate. I surely will not miss them.

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  • Emma E @ at 12:37 pm, January 30th, 2012

    I hate romance movies too. I like horror and sci-fi. My friends love romance movies. Conflict ensues, and I usually get dragged to see some crappy New Year’s Eve-type movie, which was only even remotely good because I think Lea Michele is awesome. That said, being kissed in the rain sounds awesome. But then I like rain.

    But in all seriousness, and this is coming from someone who would never watch another romance movie in her life if she could: Do we really need to get rid of them completely? Yes, they’re idiotic and unrealistic, but they’re probably less misognystic than your basic action movie. They’re like glossy magazines or shopping sprees–no, not particularly feminist, but there’s really nothing wrong with them. Yes, romance movies could be way more realistic, but isn’t the reason people go to movies to get away from reality? And if your thing is cheesy, dramatic romances, then by all means, go for it. Just don’t forget that the real world is there, too.

  • Karla @ at 1:24 pm, January 30th, 2012

    The only “romance” movies I really enjoy these days star Bogie and Bacall. At least they act like genuine adults. I can’t stand the way people act in modern romance films – like twelve-year-olds who grew up on Harlequin romances and cotton candy. There’s nothing sexy about acting like a total juvenile.

  • Natalia @ at 1:31 pm, January 30th, 2012

    AGREED. I hate what the genre of romantic comedies has become in Hollywood. Although I hate what the genre is NOW, I love it when they get it right and that is because the good ones are AUTHENTIC. Any Woody Allen romantic comedy is not only funny and charming, but they speak so much truth about relationships. When I went through my first breakup, I would watch his films constantly because I felt that only he could verbalize what I was feeling. “Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless mind, “Love, Actually,” and “500 days of summer” are also some of my faves because they simply speak the truth about relationships. They don’t sugar coat anything.

    Also, “The vow” pisses me off because they essentially stole my idea for a play I’ve been working on for months. However, mine is much less cheesy; it’s about a couple that was already dysfunctional and broke up, and the girl’s amnesia makes him realize that they are not right for each other. I just hate Hollywood films in general.

  • Kristen A @ at 4:59 pm, January 30th, 2012

    I’m a bit of a sucker for romance movies, but honestly I find a lot of the “dramatic” love scenes to just be creepy. Tossing rocks at my window? Showing up at my wedding to tell me you’ve been in love with me for x amount of time and why oh why won’t I love you back? Expecting that if you confess your love I will magically see you as my soul mate and hop into bed with you? No thanks, not interested in a situation that puts all that pressure on me. Also I would look like a raccoon if any kissing in the pouring rain were to occur. I’ll take a nice cab from my apartment to the restaurant and back, please and thank you.

    Their wedding scene in the museum is pretty cute though, seems like something my man-friend (37 is too old to be a boyfriend) and I would do. Might have to pinterest that (jokes, jokes)!

  • Talia bat Pessi @ at 10:55 pm, January 30th, 2012

    I’m a sucker for these kind of movies too – I saw the trailer as an ad on YouTube and it had me bawling in just a minute and five seconds :P At the end of the day I think that romance movies don’t exactly teach the healthiest relationships in the world, but they’re no less healthy than any other relationships that the media tends to depict.

  • Ariel @ at 3:47 am, January 31st, 2012

    1. 500 days of summer
    2. P.s. I love you
    3. The house swap (I think thats what it’s called.)
    4. Eternal sunshine of the spotless mind
    5. Love, Actually

    My top 5 romance movies and mostly, nobody ends up together! I love these movies cause they are more real then other romance movies.

    I personally hate romance movies, other then the ones I already stated, cause they generally are a great deal of nothing. Most of the movies I have seen could be summed up in maybe 10-20 minutes of me describing the movie, in detail, all of them at once. ‘This, then that, then that, and this is how it finished. and about 15 minutes of the whole movie were there to give the charaters definition.’ “And that was which movie?” ‘All of them.’

  • Lisa @ at 9:08 am, January 31st, 2012

    I agree. These movies are terrible. I laughed at the end of Titanic. It was just so ridiculous. And I hate even more that these are called chick flicks and guys expect me to like this drivel. They just keep the female stereotypes going. At least in 500 days of Summer, he didn’t get the girl, and Before Sunrise (sort of). But then again, since I don’t embody that female stereotype, that’s probably why I cannot relate. Maybe if there was a romance with a women of a similar disposition, I’d feel differently…but doubtful.

  • Ben @ at 6:01 am, February 1st, 2012

    I agree with the first commenter Emma E. Personally I do look down on romance flicks somewhat but not any more than action or horror flicks. There’s no harm in indulging in fantasy for an hour or two as long as you return to reality afterwords.

  • Amy CT @ at 11:37 pm, February 1st, 2012

    I’ve never understood why kissing in the rain is supposed to be romantic. I’ve done it: it’s just damp, and a bit unpleasant.

  • Renee @ at 6:40 am, February 2nd, 2012

    Um.. Then don’t go see movies. Honestly you might not like but unless you only watch documentaries, argueing that you don’t like it b/c it’s not realistic is pretty dumb. Especially since hollywood movies are NEVER realistic. Think of any movies that have come out recently how many can you say are realistic or based on truth/reality. The only one I can think of is the Help and that has MANY critics saying it’s not real or historicaly accurate.

  • Ann @ at 7:59 pm, February 11th, 2012

    Have you ever kissed in the rain? With the right person it can be romantic…

  • Laura @ at 11:10 pm, February 19th, 2012

    Rom-Cons make me vomit. Period.

  • Jamie @ at 9:46 pm, September 17th, 2012

    It’s based on a true story so buck up that kind of stuff happens if you like it or not. I thought it was a beautiful movie. I loved it and I cried..

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