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One Night Stand

Did she mention how I’m the girl of the moment?

Splashed across magazine cover pages like dripping acid from batteries

Radioactive toxic waste

How could you.

How could you.

Your bright blue eyes, cornflower blue—they said

He’s a gentleman and knows manners long dead

But you really weren’t; not at all what they said

Should I listen to them or the voices in my head?

Tell me this is wrong because it feels so right and I can’t think anymore

No end in sight

Your poisoned words so dark, so deep, penetrating their sickly message beneath

Smudged lipstick and weak resistance

And I’m not too sure what the truth is anymore

So when you tell your girlfriend the next day

Clock’s at 7; the minute hand set slightly off

Where you’ve been

Why don’t you tell her how you spent your time at the bar down the street

Drinking and looking at innocent girls, fragile, who didn’t know any better?

Charmed by your pretty boy blue eyes that they said held gentlemanly ways

Called me whore, slut, good for nothing, bitch

Because blame, that aphrodisiac is better than lies; scapegoat scorned and martyr chosen

Deception taken lightly, already entranced by that clear azure stare

Which behind only lays cruelty

They can’t see it because they have blinded themselves;

You hide yourself so transparently yet society dictates the routines

Overlooking the monster inside you

Buying and selling girls like cattle

A meaningless fling, date rape in the dim dark alleyway behind

I drank too much but that was no excuse

You told me I dressed that way, tight bandage dress and high heels on

But it wasn’t for you to take.

I am more than that

I dressed for myself and you used that as an excuse for your burgeoning lust

You should have controlled yourself

But this life isn’t a world of should haves

It’s what you did, not what you say

Ancient reincarnation prevalent in our lives

Acceptance by them

How could you.

And yet I, foolish, believed them when they said—

Your bright blue eyes, cornflower blue

He’s a gentleman and knows manners long dead

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  • Crystal @ at 12:30 am, May 5th, 2012

    I’m so very sorry for what happened to you. I can only offer the normal advice.
    Google RAINN, look up a rape crisis center near you.
    I wish I could make it all better for you, that there was somehting I could do. I’m so very sorry for what has happened to you.
    I wish I could be there for you in this time of hurt.

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