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Let me ask you this:
What do we teach our daughters
When the bestselling doll on the market, Barbie,
Has a made-up face and mascara-ed eyes and lips as pink as grapefruit,
But not enough ambition or intelligence to calculate her net worth?
What do I tell my daughter
when we pass through Toys-R-Us
And she wants that artificial décolletage in a box,
This trickery, chicanery of Mattel
who fashioned this doll, this plastic piece of shit
With a serial number lingering on her lower back like a tramp stamp
Above slim thighs which gap and disproportionate legs,
Legs, I tell her, that would snap beneath
Barbie’s weight if she were real
That would make her fall at the slightest step,
Only for the purpose of mass-production and consumerism
which says it values women for their appearance, and never their qualities.

Perhaps that is what they want—for our daughters to remain unsteady, unstable on their feet in a lack of conviction for who they are and what they want
Because a woman who knows what she wants is powerful and feared above all.
Remember that, my child.

What do I say to her when all around is
advertising that reduces women down to things and faces meant to be photoshopped.
Mattel, take back this sham of a girl,
Whose smiles beg for men’s attention and whose lack of ambition shames us,
This farce does not fool us.
It will never, ever, fool our daughters
Because we will tell them the truth.
Let me answer the question I raise before you:
What do we teach our daughters? What do we tell them?
You are more than that.
Not a Eurocentric ideal of beauty, yellow fever, fetish
You are no plastic ideal in a box.
Born of strength, tenacity, courage and blood,
Of spitfire and entitlement,
Beyond factory 221 and serial number 25789452-00-07
You are of your own means,
Of your own self.

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  • Talia bat Pessi @ at 9:45 pm, May 13th, 2013

    Wow. Powerful.

  • NikeDarc @ at 8:59 am, June 24th, 2013

    i love this! sometimes i feel that to the whole world i’m just an insignificant teenager but reading stuff like inspires me.’Born of strength, tenacity, courage and blood,
    Of spitfire and entitlement’-LOVE IT. If I have a daughter this is what i’ll be telling her

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