A Little F'd Up | Posted by Shenae K on 11/12/2009

A Rant

vagina does not equal sandwich maker

vagina does not equal sandwich maker

You know what I’m tired of? My boyfriend immediately looking at me when he’s hungry. Like I’m supposed to be this huge sandwich machine and just because I have a vagina it must mean that I make super sandwiches. He complains about how he can’t make anything that isn’t in a box. Well guess what, I didn’t either until I picked up a god damn cook book and slowly taught myself to cook a decent meal. My mom has always raised me to be proud of who I am and I can do anything that I want to do. She took charge and fixed up our whole house with her own tool box and stubbornness. So here I am fixing my heater when it’s …

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A Little F'd Up | Posted by Julie Z on 09/26/2009

What I Be Watchin

While I may be out of town this weekend, and have sketchy internet access that varies in its very availability, this does NOT mean you have to suffer! For your enjoyment, here are some things I’ve been watching this week, and my snarky commentary! 

Dude, I tried to start one of those lunch room fashion shows. It didn’t go so well. Could’ve been because kids were preoccupied doing WEIRD shit like doing homework…or, even weirder, eating? Iiiiiiiii know…wtf, right? Oh also, we’re sane and don’t think soaking up each other’s hotness as we strut in moderately priced clothing, weaving between plates of sloppy joes and “salisbury steak”while we do so, is the best idea ever. 

Rockstare. Blingatude. BFFAEAE. so in touch with the youth, KMart is. Them kids and they’re …

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A Little F'd Up, Feminism | Posted by Julia P on 08/12/2009

Dishwashing Feminism



You know, I kinda wanted my debut at the FBomb to be intellectual and interesting and all that, but somehow my first article has turned out to be one of those feel-of-the-moment snippets.

Anyway, recently I’ve moved up from the Junior/High School group at my church to the College/Not Married Yet group, and it’s a big change – lots of outings, more mature stuff… and with more mature stuff comes more societal influences. It’s always been there, but gender responsibilities are stronger than ever. And I don’t like it.

Last week my church group made dinner at somebody’s house, and when we all finished, I got comments like “the women are supposed to go in and do the dishes now.” Oh, by the way, we’re …

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A Little F'd Up | Posted by Julie Z on 08/6/2009

Link Love

Happy Thursday! Here are some cool links I’ve deemed worthy of sharing: 

The Good

Nikol Hasler

Nikol Hasler

Nikol Hasler from the Midwest Teen Sex Show apparently now writes an advice column for Milwaukee Magazine. I know what you’re thinking: Milwaukee Magazine has an advice column focused on issues of teen sex? MILWAUKEE is the progressive one who recognizes the sexual problems of teenagers, and all people for that matter, as truly important? WTF? Well, not quite. It’s pretty general advice for the most part, but it’s Nikol Hasler, so it’s awesome. Good job, Milwaukee, good job.

Here is one column focused on sex and here is the most recent one about forgetfulness. Archives here.



Also SARAH HASKINS HAS A NEW TARGET WOMEN. yayyayayayayyayay!!!! And apparently it was recently Sarah’s …

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A Little F'd Up | Posted by Julie Z on 08/3/2009

Poll Question Contest RESULTS

So, like I said before, the fbomb desperately needs a new poll question. And just as I thought this, the website racks and stands noticed the fbomb and wanted to give something away to you guys. And if they want to give you free crap, who am I to stop them? I love you all and want to shower you with presents. 


Especially one as awesome as a mini fridge. I mean, come on! A MINI FRIDGE! I think I’m probably way too obsessed with food and the convenience a mini fridge provides. But not just the winner benefits from this contest- you all get to vote on a new question! Yayyy.

The winner was Julia G. with the question: 

What was the first purposefully feminist thing you ever did? 

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A Little F'd Up | Posted by Julie Z on 07/26/2009


So, I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but I’ve had the same poll question for, well, the entire time the fbomb has existed. And I probably could have guessed Kate Winslet would win. I think there needs to be a new question. Problem is I suck at coming up with new questions.

Well, the way I’ve decided to fix this is by giving a prize away to the person who can come up with the best question. The people over at Racks and Stands have offered to give away a free mini fridge (COOL RIGHT?!?!?) to the person with the best question. Just in case you guys didn’t know, Racks and Stands is a site with a lot of entertainment centers and just has all kinds of cool crap. 

All …

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A Little F'd Up | Posted by Julie Z on 07/22/2009

a pointless article about Ukranian women

foot in mouth

hey there pretty ukranian lady

Biden: “[Ukranian women are] the most beautiful women in the world. That’s my observation.”

To me, a sufficient response to that comment would be a sigh, an eye roll, understood disappointment that such a comment came from our VP. But, no, the New York Daily news thought this comment deserved an entire article. But not even an article on the stupidity of this comment. What follows is 350 words of supposed proof that Ukranian women are beautiful.

With quotes like, “He came, he saw and he told the truth,” said Vlada Khmarska, 20, who lives in Odessa for the summer. “Everyone who visits Ukraine says so – Ukrainian girls are beautiful.”


“I think he nailed it,” added Sasha Sobolyewa. “The women there are beautiful …

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A Little F'd Up | Posted by Julie Z on 07/20/2009

Boyfriend with Health Benefits

via Gloria Feldt's site

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