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Gone for the week…

Hey Everybody,

I’m off this week to attend Barnard’s Young Women’s Leadership Institute. I can’t wait to return with stories of the feminist awesomeness that will undoubtedly occur there, and not to fear, there will still be new posts by lovely contributors every day! Some comments may go unapproved until Saturday, for which I am very sorry, and yet, despite the fact that I figured out how to run this blog, I’m technically challenged beyond basic blogging functions and can’t think of an alternative. So. Yeah.

I can’t think of a greater present to return to than a bunch of new submissions from you guys! Seriously though, the FBomb could always use submissions (email to juliez@thefbomb.org)

Have a happy week of July 13th!

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Our Rights to Privacy Don’t Just Stop in Oklahoma

On November first, a law in Oklahoma will go into effect that collects personal details about every single abortion preformed in the state and post them on a public website. This will cost Oklahoma $281,285 the first year and $256,285 each year after that.

These details include the date of the abortion, the county in which the abortion was preformed, the age, race, and marital status of the mother, the years of education the mother has, the state or country of residence of the mother, the total number of previous pregnancies of the mother; including the number of live births, miscarriages, and induced abortions. (info via Feministing)

And these are only the first eight questions. I really honestly don’t understand the point of this. What does spending all this …

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Gossip Round Up

I have no schedule for this feature. I do not live my life with regularity, sad-ish but true. Anyway, on with it.

UP passed the $280 mil mark, 2nd only to Finding Nemo of Pixar’s movies (because Ellen is a beast). UP is the best movie ever. I’m hypercritical of everything and I couldn’t find anything wrong with it. I do not like the cone of shame. Hahahaha. Moving on. 

*valid point made after this was posted: lack of female characters. This is true. Especially with the dogs? Wtf not even logical. I still thought this was a great movie with positive messages. 




Vanessa Hudgens is going to play a hooker in the new film “Sucker Punch.” Of the role, Hudgens said, “I’m playing a character name Blondie and it’s

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Target Women: Hair

Newest from Sarah Haskins

Sort of reminds me about how Facebook quizzes think my hair color affects my personality. Apparently, I should be a redhead  (I am not)  because I am feisty (what a creative word association for red head) energetic, intelligent and articulate. What the fuck ever, facebook, thanks for deducing me to my looks yet again.

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