Feminism | Posted by Julie Z on 10/22/2011

Saturday Vids: Patrick Henry Hughes

Your daily dose of inspiration.

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Pop-Culture | Posted by Julie Z on 03/25/2011

Body Image in the Media: Glee Gets It Right, But Are We Ready?

Every once in a while, usually when 30 Rock is a re-run, I’ll flip over to the CW. And I kind of get the draw of the utterly escapist fantasies that shows like 90210 and Gossip Girl offer. Serena Van Der Woodsen / Blake Lively is like 14 feet tall with blonde hair that cascades over her shoulders as she effortlessly hails a cab on her way to a club – that just so happens to blithely serve the underage – in order to sabatoge another rich, white, tall, thin, personality-less girl in a plan that always seems to involve drugs or faked pregnancies or a trip to Geneva or something that probably could’ve been solved had she invited her nemesis to have a nice talk over Chai tea. But …

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Feminism | Posted by Taylor S on 12/17/2009

An Old School Family

I grew up in an old school family. I am a second generation Hungarian immigrant, and first generation Canadian immigrant. Our family unites all of central Europe: Hungary, Croatia, former Yugoslavia, and Romania. Some of my fondest memories are of eating tongue, heart, and testicles at huge parties where no one spoke English. What made a stronger impression on me, however, is the lifestyle and customs of my family. Since they immigrated when they were very old, my baka and nagyapát (grandmother and grandfather), from opposite branches of the family, have different point of views on gender roles that have influenced my life.

My baka happily accepts her place as the quiet, puttering maid in the background, not getting involved in the business of the menfolk. She considers it her …

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