Feminism, Pop-Culture | Posted by Julie Z on 07/21/2009

MTSS goes CC

Remember when I posted that video from the fantabulous Midwest Teen Sex Show? Well, I just found out, thanks to WMC, that Comedy Central invited MTSS to make a full-length pilot episode this summer that could get picked up.

It’s true, I have a few issues with Comedy Central, including some messed up gender dynamics they have over there. At The Daily Show, there are no official female writers. Samantha Bee is a correspondent and occasional writer, as is Kristin Schall, but that’s it. And according to Courtney at feministing, a friend who auditioned for a stand-up series on Comedy Central was told that they will only sign five women maximum. Out of around 30 total. 

Because, as anybody knows, women aren’t funny. And to quote the …

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