Feminism | Posted by Chelsea B on 06/1/2011

Bitch Is Not Bitchin’

So yet another sports figurehead is feeling the repercussions of using homophobic slurs during a game. A few weeks ago, LA Lakers star Kobe Bryant was fined $100,000 for hurling an insult towards an NBA referee. Because of TV censorship, I never caught which word was actually used, but my guess is that it began with an “f” and rhymed with “maggot”. Now Joakim Noah, who plays for the Chicago Bulls, is facing similar consequences after following Kobe’s lead.

Homophobic slurs and gay-bashing still present themselves frequently, but the formation of various campaigns to stop such intolerance is slowly eradicating anti-gay sentiments. I’ve done my part to show support, for I believe the degradation of another individual shouldn’t be acceptable anywhere. That’s why I also support the consequences these men …

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Feminism | Posted by Beth T on 12/22/2009


It’s the word that everyones heard before.
If you’re a female you’ve probably been called it at least once in your lifetime.
A bitch is sometimes that girl who speaks out.
She’s labeled a bitch so she’ll just SHUT UP already.
[And because I'm a girl and I refuse to shut up I'll proudly claim this name. Yes, I'm a bitch.]
Girls have repeatedly reclaimed offensive terms such as cunt, bitch, slut in order to bring power to the word, and consequently, bring power to ourselves.

It hurts me most when I hear other girls using the word Bitch to describe another female they dislike. In fact, girls hating girls just makes me sad in general. Hating each other to prove something to ourselves and to boys is the opposite …

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Feminism | Posted by Julie Z on 07/24/2009

A Feminist Wish List


 fgbm27 at daily kos recently wrote their feminist wish list, which was condensed and re-posted by Bitch. It brings up a lot of really interesting things to think about – most of which I completely agree with. Here is the list:

1. There must be a widespread understanding that feminism does apply to men. Therefore, men who stand up for feminist issues may, and should, be identified as feminist. It is counterproductive and hypocritical to discuss gender equality while simultaneously creating a double standard towards males who share feminist values.
(I think that the phrase “feminist male” should be dropped, as well. A feminist who identifies as female is never addressed as a “female feminist”)

2. While transsexual acceptance and rights are an important aspect of third wave feminism, …

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