Feminism | Posted by Natalia K on 07/29/2011

Life Lesson #1: Love Yourself First

Whether we like it or not, we all have to go through a long list of “firsts” in life: first kiss, first date, first “serious” relationship, first time you have sex, and the first serious breakup (which is never, ever, an easy thing to go through), to name a few. But being a feminist definitely made it easier for me to make a dreaded and life-altering first decision.

I had my first serious boyfriend right at the end of high school when I was 18. I was young, naive, sheltered, and completely confused about what I wanted in life. He was an amazing first boyfriend, though. He respected me, we were very compatible, and most importantly, he was always supportive of all the changes I went through (the best boyfriend …

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Feminism | Posted by Lily N on 01/6/2011

Good Girls Don’t Go To Jail

I hit him out of frustration, or maybe out of love. I hit him because I was scared and confused and hurting, but none of that mattered. The part that mattered is that I hit him. I found out that jail was exactly what I thought it would be. It was the stale cold from a poorly heated building in a Colorado winter and the pinching of the handcuffs on my outer wrists and heels. It was the pit in my stomach as I held back the tears in my mug shot and the hard cringe as I stripped my clothes off for the female officer. Mostly it was the rush of disappointment and confusion as I removed the pink bow from my hair. It reminded me that good girls …

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Feminism | Posted by Julie Z on 01/25/2010

A Feminist Break Up

breaking up sucks

breaking up sucks

A few weeks ago, one of my best friends broke up with her boyfriend. I’m a teenager, so I should probably be used to this by now. It seems as though I can’t make it through an entire week at school without hearing about some type of relationship drama. But this break up moved past the realm of crying-in-the-bathroom-hysterically-with-your-friends-huddled-around-you-one-day-fine-the-next typical high school break up. This one was pretty bad.

Now, I’m of the school of thought that the end of a relationship doesn’t equate to the end of the world. While some might sarcastically comment, “How shocking that your life does not revolve around guys. You’re only a super-feminist” I’m not convinced that this personal way of thinking is entirely connected to my feminist sensibility. The fact …

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