Pop-Culture | Posted by A. on 01/15/2011

Saturday Vids: Modern Lady on Bridalplasty

As soon as I heard about the new reality show “Bridalplasty” on E!, I knew I had to share its absurdity with other rational beings. On this show, engaged women compete in various wedding-themed challeges for two prizes. And what might they be? A free wedding and extreme plastic surgery. Able to phrase my disgust in a much more comical fashion is Erin Gibson in a segment of infomania’s Modern Lady, in which she dissects the issue.

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Feminism, Pop-Culture | Posted by Julie Z on 07/2/2009

Bridezillas 24/7

The New York Post reported yesterday that Cablevision is launching a 24/7 wedding channel sometime in the near future.

To which I responded: WTF?

Why are we so obssessed with weddings? Do we enjoy watching women get so crazed about one day, one massively expensive party? Of course there’s the romantic ideology that it is the best day of a woman’s life, and I guess it’s nice to indulge in that while watching T.V., a fundamentally escapist experience.  

While I think it’s true that the best day of a woman’s life should be celebrating an accomplishment greater than catching a man for an extended period of time (51% of the time its not forever), I also think weddings are nice and can be one of the best day of …

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