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The Russian Broadway Community Responds to Russian Anti-Gay Propoganda Law

Anybody who has been paying even a modicum of attention to the 2014 Winter Olympics knows about the outrage caused by Russian President Vladimir Putin’s decision to sign into law an act prohibiting the promotion of nontraditional sexual relationships to minors. The law isn’t only disappointing from a basic human rights perspective, but specifically worrisome for gay Olympians, who fear they may face discrimination or even arrest while participating in the games. Activists all over the world have made their feelings about this situation known — from American LGBTQ groups to Sweden to, now, even the Broadway community. Stars like Michael Urie, Andrew Rannells, Laura Benanti and Jonathan Groff (and many others) recently came together to, in true Broadway fashion, turn their outrage into an elaborate parody featuring …

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Creative, Feminism | Posted by Julie Z on 07/7/2009

Women and Broadway: what EXACTLY do we hate?

Clearly there is discrimination against women in the film industry. Hell, if Ela Thier’s open letter didn’t make that clear enough, the associations most of society has with “Hollywood” and “women” should do the trick. However, the same is not so obvious about the theatre industry.

Wicked: Written by Winnie Holzman. The rule or the exception?

Wicked: Written by Winnie Holzman. The rule or the exception?

At the end of June, research was conducted exploring if there is discrimination against women playwrights on Broadway. The conclusion: yes and no.

Quick Facts from the Findings:

  • There are twice as many male playwrights as female ones and men are more prolific, turning out more plays
  • When identical plays save for some with a male author listed and others with a female artists listed were sent out to artistic directors and literary managers

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