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Support Women Artists Sunday: Claire’s Diary

Claire's Diary

Claire’s Diary was formed when Sophie Rae and Isadora Schappell (of Care Bears on Fire), Joey Koneko, and Kiri Oliver were strolling through a meadow one day and found the diary of a girl named Claire at the foot of an oak tree. Taking this diary back to their Brooklyn home, they began to sift through the pages of this mysterious diary and translate their discoveries into words and sounds that bring to mind grunge, punk, and surf-rock. Claire’s Diary played their first show at Slutwalk NYC in October 2011 and released their first recorded track, the theme song for Rookie Magazine, ‘Suzy’s Alright’, in October 2011. Claire’s Diary recently released their double single for “Girl Next Door” and “Build Me A Hero”, and have been in …

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Party Whipped: The Trials of a Teenage Feminist Rocker

First gig! Yes, as a matter of fact I DID think I looked cool.

First gig! Yes, as a matter of fact I DID think I looked cool.

I think I’ve always been somewhat of a feminist, even if I didn’t know it.

When I started playing in bands when I was 9, I didn’t have any idea that my gender would be an issue. Music was what I loved, and to my Trash and Vaudeville size 00 jeans-wearing self, playing super-distorted covers of Clash songs seemed like the most natural thing in the world.

But as we kept playing and as my nievaté began to dwindle (I had reached the age of 12 and my peak of intellectual maturity), I started to notice something weird. In interviews, I was asked to talk not about my music but about my favorite lip gloss flavor …

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Support Women Artists Sunday: Bikini Kill

It’s baaaaaaack. 

This week – a little history lesson. The post on Care Bears on Fire, and the comments about the riot grrrl movement got me thinking. Most girls my age don’t even know what the riot grrrl movement was. 

Riot Grrrl Online describes the movement (they’re also a great riot grrrl resource): 

Riot Grrrl began in 1991 at Olympia Washington, when a few girls (mostly from Bikini Kill and Bratmobile) decided to get together and talk about their main interests: feminism and punk rock. The first time they met it was all fun, they put up posters to get attention of other open minded girls. Then they found out they had other things in common: they were all vegetarians; against drugs; and had been molested as children.


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Care Bears on Fire


Care Bears on Fire!

Care Bears on Fire!

It was a summer afternoon like any other. I was sprawled across the couch with a pack of twizzlers in one hand and a large iced coffee in the other, two food-items that are essential to my survival. The N was having a Degrassi-a-thon (the actors look like me! I can relate to them!). I was ready to remain in this position of idealistic laziness for a good four to six hours. 

Now, the N plays music videos between episodes. Generally this is when I get up to get more food (I’m actually not obese, although I’m not sure how) but I was already nursing my food-baby, so didn’t move. Through the sugar-coma haze, I saw the complete awesomeness that is Care Bears on Fire playing …

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