Pop-Culture | Posted by Julie Z on 08/11/2010

Justin Bieber and Double Standards

Justin Bieber may be the closest my generation will ever get to Beatlemania. The kid sings purely romantic non-graphic songs about his “baby” (that would be you, dear 13 year old girls of the world) and his face looks a new born puppy snuggling with a bunny under a rainbow. And, really, I have nothing against him personally despite the fact that my cynical heart tends to look at celebrities my own age and roll its eyes in disgust. My problem with him mainly lies in the way our society reacts to him.

I recently got my Bust Magazine in the mail (an epic monthly event for me). I very much enjoy the “Pop-Tart” column, but this week’s analysis of the double standards of Bieber fever, written by Wendy McClure, …

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Pop-Culture | Posted by Brianne L on 07/15/2009

Hollywood Vomit

 The most famous people today have become so for the most prestigious reasons such as: poorly acting out lines written by someone else, possessing a trademark body part/s, singing along to highly censored and produced music written and composed by someone else, having a trademark style of clothes designed by someone else, posting a popular youtube video, being married to famous athletes, mindlessly endorsing products, and/or acting like complete fools on low budget reality television.  Celebrities are granted enormous amounts of power and attention for such inspiring reasons.  The amount of unearned entitlement is astounding.

These are our role models, our idols.  We unapologetically indulge in every aspect of their lives.  We always crave for more vital details such as guessing the name of which fruit they will give to …

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