Awareness, Feminism | Posted by Julie Z on 11/17/2009

Stop Stupak

health care

health care

Usually, when I come down to the kitchen for a snack (also known as an excuse to take a study break) I  can tell what mail my Mom is sorting through by the look on her face. The annoyed-pursed-lips-eye-roll is usually elicited by a Home and Garden magazine of some type (Martha Stewart is defiantly not listed amongst my Mom’s personal heroes). Glazed over, resigned boredom  can usually be attributed to a water or electricity bill. But the truly depressed, pissed off face of injustice can only be caused by one thing.

My family has struggled with the issue of health care ever since I can remember. Because of a pre-existing condition my Mom has and the fact that my Dad is independently employed, the business of staying …

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