Feminism, Pop-Culture | Posted by A. on 03/5/2011

Saturday Vids: Modern Lady Defends Planned Parenthood

Gaaaaaaaaaaaaah. There are really no words for this insane action by our government. But there are words for the always awesome people of Current TV's infomania, as they wittily tackle another social issue- the funding stripped of Planned Parenthood by Congress. Of course, there's some consolation- NASCAR still gets government funding!

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Pop-Culture | Posted by Julie Z on 07/31/2010

Saturday Vids: Modern Lady & Beer Ads

When Sarah Haskins and Target Women left Current TV, a little part of me died. But then they found Erin Gibson and I'm slowly learning to love again! Enjoy! Oh, by the way, this whole "Saturday Vids" thing is going to be a regular feature. Who doesn't like a good viral / feminist-oriented video after the marathon sleep that is Friday night to Saturday Morning? Maybe it's just me, but we're diong this anyway. If you have any videos you think I should feature send them to: fbombsubmissions@gmail.com. THANK YOU MUCHLY.

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