Feminism | Posted by Nellie B on 08/10/2009

A Feminist Goes to the Ballet


Ballet: The Epitome of feminine Grace?

Ballet: The Epitome of "feminine" Grace?

Ballet, as fine arts and sources of entertainment go, is not exactly what one might call a feminist pastime.  Though it is ridiculous trying to mandate whether something is “feminist” or not, ballet definitely deserves to be critiqued through a feminist lens. 

Don’t get me wrong– I love ballet.  I’ve been watching performances for years. I danced starting at age four, until I quit when I decided that I didn’t want to seriously jeopardize my feet by going en pointe during my teens.  So, a recent performance of several short dances by a local theatre troupe reminded me of the complexities of ballet.

The pros: while ballet is often ridiculed for being girly, feminine or, of course, “sissy,” the strength and discipline involved in …

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