Feminism, Pop-Culture | Posted by Julie Z on 08/14/2009

Megan Fox’s PSA and Diablo Cody in Bust

Okay, I know there are a lot of you that hate Megan Fox. That was evident from the comments on this post. A lot of valid points, I might add, even though I still like that quote itself. I really did reconsider my initial opinion that Fox was just fighting back the disgustingly rampant objectification of her in the media. I think she may attempt to capitalize on her sex appeal while at the same time rejecting it. I also think she may not have a freaking clue about what she's saying and just talks, like most celebrities do.

Either way, I don't actually care that much about Megan Fox. She will probably be irrelevant in a few years no matter what. What I do want to talk about is this new "PSA" for Jennifer's Body. Warning: Vulgar Language (!!OHNO!!!) in vid. Who thinks that Megan Fox, with her face and body so vastly accepted as beautiful, doesn't actually know shit about being different? I do! I do! But, meh, this "PSA" is still pretty clever, and after reading Diablo Cody's interview in Bust Magazine this month, I'm really intrigued by Jennifer's Body. There seem to be some clear pros and cons about this female-centric horror flick.

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Pop-Culture | Posted by Sarah F on 07/31/2009

The Fatal Generalizations in the Teen Movie

at least theyre up front about the stereotypes in this one


at least they're up front about the stereotypes in this one


Teen movies very obviously base themselves on harmless stereotypes: the jock, the bitch, the nerd, etc.– stereotypes so deeply rooted into our expectations of the genre that we can’t be bothered to think about other possibilities. However, after re-watching the awesomely awful Whatever It Takes for the first time in at least four years, I started to see something recognizably offensive that I had not yet noticed before: it seems that the typical teen movie’s female characters are, more often than not, projections of the archetypal male’s virgin/whore complex. Characters can only be one or the other, and there is no inbetween.

While teen movies are generally oversexed as a selling point, there’s an underlying tone of moral retribution …

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Feminism, Pop-Culture | Posted by Julie Z on 07/8/2009

Jennifer’s Body

So the trailer for Diablo Cody’s new movie about a possessed cheerleader who seduces her male classmates then kills them was just released. 

Bad news: I can’t embed the video from youtube. so you can’t be ultra lazy. awww.

Good news: click here to watch it on youtube, where it hasn’t been removed yet (yayyy)

LOOKS. SO. GOOD. *excited fit of giggles at the thought of diablo’s sense of humor revived and applied to a horror movie genre ensues* Especially since horror movies are so often disgustingly sexist- it’s nice Diablo’s turning it on its head. I like.

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