Feminism | Posted by Sarah M on 12/28/2010

Hey, You! Go Make a Zine!

Are you interested in writing, creating, drawing, and DIY (“do it yourself”) ethics? Then you, my friend, should write a zine. A zine is a self published mini-magazine that can be about anything you want. Zines can be written, typed, drawn, xeroxed – it is all up to the creator. Zines have been a part of feminism to spread DIY punk feminism etc through local communities.

Zines can be traced back to riot grrrl bands, who created zines to spread their messages to their fans. Zines have recently been in decline because of blogs, but zines allow you to make a messy, imperfect, raw, funny, and inspiring piece of art that stands out in a world that obsesses over perfection and cleanliness.

To get started on a zine, …

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Pop-Culture | Posted by Elinor K on 07/22/2010

Femme Toxic: How To Be a Healthy & Environmentally Friendly Consumer

are these environmentally friendly / healthy? be a smart consumer!

are these environmentally friendly / healthy? be a smart consumer!

My name is Elinor Keshet and I’ve been an intern at FemmeToxic over the past several months. What’s FemmeToxic? Well, it’s a project that was started by Breast Cancer Montreal in partnership with Girls Action/Fille d’Action. It is a feminist, youth-oriented, and environmentally safe cosmetics movement with a focus on changing federal regulations.

FemmeToxic combines a feminist outlook with environmental ethics. It demands structural change and encourages its members and participants to question the products advertised to them and consumed by them. It is a unique cancer movement in that it caters to a younger audience of women unlike mainstream breast cancer movements. FemmeToxic believes:

“Every woman’s body is toxic, but it’s not our choice! FemmeToxic aims to raise

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Pop-Culture | Posted by Julie Z on 05/16/2010

Support Women Artists Sunday: Electrik Emily

Electrik Emily

Electrik Emily

Electrik Emily is a 26 year old rock musician, blogger, and all around “women in music” buff, currently living in Seattle, WA.

Born in rural Pennsylvania, her musical career began as a rebellious teen in high school, forming her own all-female rock band in the tradition of The Runaways, playing fast, aggressive, and loud music. In and out of bands all through college, Emily decided to “go her own way” by becoming a feminist backed solo artist after taking a women studies class.

“I finally had an intellectual epiphany you could say, that reflected my thoughts and feelings about being female in a world that didn’t always feel welcoming. I knew I was a feminist, I just never had a word for it until then.”


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Feminism, Pop-Culture | Posted by Shelan O on 09/9/2009

GR!C: Day 2

instrument lessons

instrument lessons. photo cred: Amanda Barbato

I’ve been moved to a new bass class, which is awesome because now I have Allison as my teacher! Allison was my drum teacher last year, and has been with the camp since the beginning, so we’re old pals.  She moved to Boston a couple of years ago, but comes back every summer to participate.  She’s a great musician and a really fun person to be around.  Her passion for music and sharing knowledge is sincere, not over the top or grating.  I’ve never met anyone who is so enthusiastic and so laid back at the same time, which creates the perfect learning environment.  Playing drums is fun, but playing drums with Allison is brilliant!  Learning bass just got a lot more interesting.

My …

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Pop-Culture | Posted by Julie Z on 08/19/2009

The Art of YouTubery

YouTube has always been fascinating to me. 

For one, I really like basking in human stupidity in order to feel better about myself, and youtube is a particularly excellent way to do this. 

But also, YouTube has launched careers. It has connected people to their favorite celebrities, proving that they are not in fact robots (for the most part). And, though this is the least utilized aspect of YouTube, it’s a way for aspiring artists to showcase their work, or to just have fun.

Show Me The Money


Heyyy its Freddddd

Heyyy it's Freddddd

Let’s consider Fred. Lucas Cruikshank, who created the character of Fred Figglehorn, is going to be a sophomore this year. He also has a freakin empire because of this channel – a series of videos based on a 6-year-old …

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