Feminism | Posted by Aleka Raju on 01/27/2011

Effects of Feminism Not Reachable to All Indian Women?

Recently Indian newspapers have been flooded with reports about the Dar-ul-Uloom?s (an Islamic school propagating Sunni Islam in India) fatwa stating that it is un-Islamic for women to work with men. Yet again we appear to be at the crossroads: having to choose between antiquated traditions and moving forward into a society where men and women are accorded with the same level of respect and treated as equals.

As Indian society is relaxing its earlier rigid views about women and their position in society and allowing them to go out and work in cities, the Muslim clerics are adamant about regressing back in time and making sure that the benefits of feminism and society?’s more liberal attitude towards women aren?t passed on to Indian Muslim women.

As usual, a …

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A Little F'd Up, Feminism | Posted by Julia P on 08/12/2009

Dishwashing Feminism



You know, I kinda wanted my debut at the FBomb to be intellectual and interesting and all that, but somehow my first article has turned out to be one of those feel-of-the-moment snippets.

Anyway, recently I’ve moved up from the Junior/High School group at my church to the College/Not Married Yet group, and it’s a big change – lots of outings, more mature stuff… and with more mature stuff comes more societal influences. It’s always been there, but gender responsibilities are stronger than ever. And I don’t like it.

Last week my church group made dinner at somebody’s house, and when we all finished, I got comments like “the women are supposed to go in and do the dishes now.” Oh, by the way, we’re …

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