Pop-Culture | Posted by Julie Z on 02/4/2012

Saturday Vids: The Gay Rights Movement

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Pop-Culture | Posted by Julie Z on 04/13/2011

Perez Hilton and Bullying

Perez Hilton

Perez Hilton

Over the past few years, the news has been inundated with tragic stories of teens and cyberbullying. There were the stories of Phoebe Prince and Megan Meier, who after being tormented via social media sites and texting, resorted to suicide. The advent of formspring isn’t alleviating the now all-too-common cruelty of bullying, either. It seems that adults look at our generation and wonder if our obsession with vampires, warewolves and other beasts is actually due to a feeling of kinship.

There are probably a lot of causes for the advent of cyberbullying, which I’ve ruminated on before. But one cause I hadn’t really given much thought to before was the influence of a bullying media, specifically thanks to stimulating reality shows like the Real Housewives and …

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Pop-Culture | Posted by Julie Z on 12/18/2010

Saturday Vids: Glamour Magazine and The Girl on Page 194

Over a year ago, Glamour Magazine printed a photo of model Lizzi Miller (known to many as the "girl on page 194"). Despite the fact that she is a "plus size" model, which seems to be something magazines don't think the general public wants to see, the reaction was overwhelmingly positive. Glamour then followed up with a group shot of plus-sized models, promising to continue to include more images of plus-sized models in their magazines. Here's an interview Ellen DeGeneres did with the models last year: I guess the point of bringing this up again is that I hope this wasn't just a passing fad or media stunt. I want to remind everybody that this happened. In all honesty, I haven't picked up a Glamour Magazine in a while and I'm wondering: has anybody noticed that Glamour made good on their promise? Do they employ plus sized models? Has anybody seen mainstream magazines that do?

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Glamour Keeps the Body Love Coming

Ellens cool.

Ellen's super cool

So, my Mom is kind of Ellen DeGeneres’s biggest fan, and more often than not at 4:00 pm the sound of the Ellen DeGeneres Show’s theme song resounds throughout our house. This past Thursday, as part of one of my more recent campaigns of procrastination against a Lit paper, I wandered over to watch with my Mom.

As much as I also love Ellen, and love the show, her guests are usually celebrities who really irk me for their lack of a) talent and b) interesting things to say. But today, replacing such guests, were a group of beautiful women, who I didn’t immediately recognize.

Oh, hey, they’re not famous, I thought. Then, oh, hey, they’re not suffering from an eating disorder they like to shrug and

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