Feminism | Posted by Julie Z on 12/24/2009

Required Reading: Girldrive

I just finished reading the book Girldrive by Nona Willis Aronowitz (who has been an fbomb supporter from the beginning!) and Emma Bee Bernstein, and I must say, everybody who reads this blog HAS to read this book. Girldrive trailer! from Girldrive on Vimeo. Essentially, the book is Nona and Emma's road trip diary of the nearly 200 women they interviewed about what matters to them and about the role feminism plays in their lives. Long time friends, and both daughters of Second Wave feminists (Nona's mom is the late Ellen Willis), the two women set out on a post-college, cross-country road trip to really get inside the heads of the women of their generation, and to depict what feminism looks like in our country today.

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