Feminism | Posted by Valentina V. on 08/18/2009

More Women Employed, Fewer Leaders in Italy

A translated part from an article appeared on the Italian newspaper “Corriere della Sera” of 14/08/09.

Generic Businesswomen: Failing to Lead in Italy?

Generic Businesswomen: Failing to Lead in Italy?

Job & Career – Public employment: more women, few leaders
“In Italy The percentage of women mayors is increasing, even if just a little. In the last elections there were some new women as candidates. But we can’t still be happy. In the municipal administrations, even in the most important institutions, in the ministries and public offices, the number of women who work is equal and also higher than the men’s one. But leader positions are left on a male planet, which is most of times also sexist. And in a country which has expressed also important female personalities among the international scientific research, for example Rita

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