Feminism | Posted by Talia on 07/21/2011

Feminist Essay Contest on Star of Davida!

for the feminist writers out there

for the feminist writers out there

As a financially needy student who wants to go to a really great college, I’ve been obsessively looking for essay contests to win so I can build up my résumé and get some money for that hungry college fund. As a feminist, I’ve tried to find contests relating to feminism, but I haven’t been so lucky. I actually found an essay contest whose title was “Why is Abstinence Before Marriage the Best Choice for Teens Today?” Needless to say, it made me gag, but it didn’t stop me from writing the most pathetic essay I’ve ever written and submitting it. (I won honorable mention. Go figure.)

It really bothers me that I have never stumbled upon an essay contest even remotely related to feminism. …

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