Feminism, Pop-Culture | Posted by Julie Z on 08/7/2009

Care Bears on Fire


Care Bears on Fire!

Care Bears on Fire!

It was a summer afternoon like any other. I was sprawled across the couch with a pack of twizzlers in one hand and a large iced coffee in the other, two food-items that are essential to my survival. The N was having a Degrassi-a-thon (the actors look like me! I can relate to them!). I was ready to remain in this position of idealistic laziness for a good four to six hours. 

Now, the N plays music videos between episodes. Generally this is when I get up to get more food (I’m actually not obese, although I’m not sure how) but I was already nursing my food-baby, so didn’t move. Through the sugar-coma haze, I saw the complete awesomeness that is Care Bears on Fire playing …

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