Pop-Culture | Posted by Amy CT on 12/28/2009


Rachel Phipps 2008

Rachel Phipps 2008

Yes, Fashion Activism!

I’ve written a couple of posts for the FBomb before now, and the first one was about feminism and the fashion industry, and, to be honest, opinions about it were really quite mixed – something I’d anticipated.

This post, too is about fashion, but I think it’s something that everyone can agree on. At least, I hope it is!

So…I run a website called British Style Bloggers (please don’t let the “British” bit put you off straight away, non-Brits!) and a little while back, we launched our Fashion Activism campaign, asking readers to help us prevent climate change because of the Copenhagen Summit. That campaign was such a success that we’ve decided to start a whole new campaign for the new year – …

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