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How Fashion IS A Feminist Issue

Fashion is so much more than just clothing and trends: it’s a feminist issue. The industry makes £20.9 billion for the British economy each year, and creates 816,000 jobs in the UK alone: however, the majority of women in the fashion industry are employed in the industry’s lowest paying jobs. And yet despite the fact that so many women are involved in fashion, it’s impossible to overlook the fact that the majority of the most successful people in fashion are male. For example, most of the top womenswear designers are male (Karl Lagerfeld, Tom Ford, Marc Jacobs, Ralph Lauren and Giorgio Armani, for example) as well as many of the best known fashion photographers (including Terry Richardson, Steven Meisel, Peter Lindbergh, Jeurgen Teller and Nick Knight). But beyond the composition …

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Rachel Phipps 2008

Rachel Phipps 2008

Yes, Fashion Activism!

I’ve written a couple of posts for the FBomb before now, and the first one was about feminism and the fashion industry, and, to be honest, opinions about it were really quite mixed – something I’d anticipated.

This post, too is about fashion, but I think it’s something that everyone can agree on. At least, I hope it is!

So…I run a website called British Style Bloggers (please don’t let the “British” bit put you off straight away, non-Brits!) and a little while back, we launched our Fashion Activism campaign, asking readers to help us prevent climate change because of the Copenhagen Summit. That campaign was such a success that we’ve decided to start a whole new campaign for the new year – …

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Feminism and the Fashion Industry

the fashion industry: feminist or not?

the fashion industry: feminist or not?

I’m a fashion journalist. This is not, I’m guessing, exactly a great opening statement for a blog on a feminist website… Sorry.

The good news, though, is that I’m a teenage feminist fashion journalist and blogger at a genuinely morally good publication – and that my biggest inspiration in life is a (“grown-up”!) feminist fashion journalist at an equally morally good publication.

So, why am I telling you this?

Because I think that the industry I work in deserves to be cut some slack. I’m guessing that most young feminists look on it as a bit of a moral nightmare, because of the sexual and physical exploitation of models, and because of its blatant size-ism, and because it’s generally considered to be “a bit …

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Glamour Magazine’s September Issue Gets it Right

I do not read Glamour magazine. My sister’s friend, however, does. So when flipping through the September issue with them, I was happy to see this:

A non-airbrushed photo of model Lizzie Miller.

Miller is a 20 year old model, and technically at a size 12-14, she is not plus sized. But in the world of modeling, she is definitely not the norm.

Glamour recieved an outcry of support for the normal sized model, and emails thanked the magazine for putting a woman with everyday, normal curves and rolls in the magazine.

And Lizzi is grateful, too. She says:

“When I read them I got teary-eyed!” she says. “I’ve been that girl, flipping through magazines trying to find just one person who looked a little bit like me. And when

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