Feminism | Posted by Christina O on 08/9/2013

On Violence Against Women

An astonishing number of women desperately fear for their lives every day due to the fatal fact that they were born female in a patriarchal society. Violent acts are committed against women all the time in every corner of the world, despite the fact that this is a violation of fundamental human rights.

Violent atrocities like sexual violence, FGM, forced child marriage and female feticide and infanticide (amongst many others) happen to women of all different ethnicities, ages, classes, cultures and sexual orientations all over the world based solely on their gender. It is utterly devastating to think about the fact that a woman in the world today could be attacked, beaten, or otherwise cruelly punished for refusing an arranged marriage, dressing immodestly, being a victim of sexual assault, or …

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Feminism | Posted by Natalia K on 10/7/2010

Pink and Blue

It breaks my heart whenever I hear that women in China and India are having abortions or killing their new born babies just because they turn out to be girls. I’m pro-choice, but having an abortion because your baby is a girl instead of a boy is just beyond disturbing, sexist, and repulsive. The worst part is, the same attitude is prevalent in North America. We may not be killing our new born daughters (not that I know of at least) but a lot of women are definitely devaluing their gender and have become active participants in our good ol’ patriarchy.

Think of all the times you’ve heard women say that they would rather have a boy if they ever became pregnant. Now think of why they say that. …

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