Feminism | Posted by Fiona L on 05/16/2011

10 Things Hillary Was Thinking When Osama Was Shot

Osama Bin-Laden’s death a week ago has caused speculation, excitement, relief, concern, and yet another totally uncalled for hyper-examination of Hillary Clinton’s body language. This time it’s not her cleavage or her tearing up…it’s her hand.

A photo of the situation room released shortly after the raid on Osama Bin-Laden’s compound has everyone talking about our Secretary of State’s hand—was she gasping? Stifling an allergy-related cough? Showing signs of feminine weakness? Hillary’s position in the photo has been scrutinized more than anyone else’s (big surprise), including Joe Biden, who is holding a rosary.

I haven’t heard any murmurs about Biden’s position (was he clinging to religion? Feeling nervous? Feeling regret?), but all anyone can talk about is Hillary’s “gasp” and what it “means.” So, for all the talking heads …

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Creative | Posted by Christina B on 04/16/2010


I am a face of change
No you are not deranged
Change of what? you ask
Change that the underanged see
Female Stereotypes

I am still a face of change
And you are still not deranged
You tell me you don’t see an issue with female stereotypes in America
You say that there is no need for the change but then you must be deranged

Sitting inside because we are too weak to help the men outside, that’s a lie
We always wear pink, Gosh, I’d rather die
Diamonds are a girl’s best friend, please don’t make me cry

I am a face of change
I fight for my gender’s proper portrayal
If you don’t see the need for change you are obviously deranged

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