Pop-Culture | Posted by Carmen R on 07/29/2010

Huge and Feminist Stereotypes

Yet again, the media continues to fail with another horribly unrealistic feminist character. I was interested in the new series “Huge” and how this show would portray body image issues. However, when Willy, the main character, declared herself an “angry feminist” in the most recent episode, I became more distracted with this. Willy is an overall arrogant and obnoxious character. She is cold and makes more enemies than friends. She is mistaken for a lesbian. She is the most irrational and unreasonable character on the show.  She has some good points to make, but does so in a completely absurd manner (ex: pasting photos of real women and calling it “fatspiration”)

While there are many types of feminists, I do not understand this stereotypical feminist. I have yet to meet …

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Pop-Culture | Posted by Danielle B on 07/20/2010

“Phat” Girl in a Skinny World

When you’re the only fat girl in your 2nd grade class, kids can be pretty mercilous. As someone who’s been overweight their entire life I’ve heard every joke and jab imaginable: ugly, fat-ass, puffer fish, ugly fat-ass puffer fish. And even when some of the other kids would try to make me feel better, sometimes saying I was just “big-boned,” that never did any good because I still knew 99% of the kids in my class – probably my school – were looking at me and seeing “the fat girl.” Not Danielle. Not me.

I don’t think people realize how hard it is to grow up fat. There seems to be this underlying hostility towards overweight people, and in many cases, it’s worse against overweight girls. After all, I’m supposed …

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Pop-Culture | Posted by Julie Z on 06/19/2010

Perez, Miley and Slut Shaming

Perez Hilton and Miley Cyrus

Miley Cyrus and Perez Hilton

Last Sunday, gossip blogger Perez Hilton made the controversial decision to post a photo of Miley Cyrus exiting a car on his twitter, implying that she was not wearing underwear. Now, the internet is firing back, with claims that Perez could go to jail under child pornography charges.

Initially, when I heard about this story, I was pretty disgusted. What an idiot Perez Hilton must be, I thought to myself, so obsessed with attacking people that he doesn’t know where to draw the line. I’m not a fan of Perez or Miley – they both annoy me in general – but seriously? Posting a photo of anybody in a sexual way without their permission is just wrong. But as commenters on the blogosphere, …

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Feminism | Posted by Anne C on 06/7/2010

Body Acceptance

love your body

love your body

Body image is an issue for a lot of teenage girls, and especially for me. After struggling with a weird relationship with food for the past few years, I’ve recently tried to stop worrying about what I eat. The plan was to start being nicer to myself and my body and to try to be more accepting of the way I am. Still, I secretly wish I was thinner.

But last night, I had a revelation. After cooking and eating a massive curry with my boyfriend, we were both ridiculously stuffed. We had reached the stage of “food coma.” Immediately after we were finished, I got into the old routine of beating myself up about it. I added up the calories in my head, told myself I …

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Feminism | Posted by Morgan SW on 05/12/2010

A Good Look In The Mirror

Looking in the Mirror: not as easy as you think

Looking in the Mirror: not as easy as you think

Big. Small. Fat. Ugly. Moles. Flat. Round. Mediocre.Voluptuous.

I’d say I think about my body and my body size at least 10 times a day. After all, any time I go out (or stay in my house) I see images, ideas, slogan, diet commercials. Every one is telling me what I am doing wrong, or what I should be doing to improve my weight, body, looks.

Now, this is not going to be a rant about how society and media are ruining our lives by bombarding us with images and ideas that we (I’m going to focus on women for this piece, not that this isn’t happening to men) need to be skinnier. Because the thing is I truly believe …

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Pop-Culture | Posted by Jamie N on 03/4/2010

The Healthy Aesthetic?

dieting = healthy?

dieting = healthy?

I’ve had a theory brewing in my head recently: if all the women in the United States were a size 2 yet as a society we still struggled with heart disease, diabetes and certain cancers then the “health” argument would be very different. After watching the recent Nightline segment “Is it Okay to be fat” my theory was confirmed. The title should’ve read, “Is it okay for women to be fat?”; and then at least it would have been more honest.

It’s hard to debate health when what you’re really debating aesthetics. A serious debate on health would’ve seen men on the panel, since this issue is a societal problem and not something women should have to shoulder alone (though we often do).

I struggle with body …

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