Feminism | Posted by Cheyenne T on 04/15/2015

Meet The Teens Using Intersectional Art As Feminist Activism


Credit: http://missy-collective.tumblr.com/post/113186570193/photograph-by-lula-hyers-17-new-york-website

First I found myself through art. Then I found myself through feminism. Finally, I found myself through activism. I was confused but ambitious in high school and passionately tried to learn everything I could about the world. Even though I realized that my peers were also developing their own senses of self, I still desperately wanted to understand who I was, to feel comfortable with myself and understand my place in the world.

Art was my escape because it didn’t require me to stay inside my body. I could be anyone and present anything to the world.  It wasn’t necessarily me, but some creation of my own. I was frustrated by the person I was told I needed to be in order to be successful and taken seriously …

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Feminism | Posted by Julie Z on 06/2/2010

My Click Moment

lightbulb = feminism

lightbulb = feminism

While I haven’t read the actual “Click” book yet, reading Nellie’s essay and the concept of the book as a whole really got me thinking about my own click moment – about when I knew I was a feminist.

I had always thought that feminism was a gradual progression for me. In eighth grade, my entire grade had to research a topic of our choice and then deliver a speech to the entire middle school about it. I chose to research female feticide after reading an article about the practice (ironically) in Glamour magazine.

Up until that point, I had basic knowledge of what feminism was. But I think I had looked around at my privileged world and thought, “Well…I don’t know…men and women basically appear equal. …

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Feminism | Posted by Julie Z on 05/21/2010

The FBomb

oh hey that logo looks familiar

oh hey that logo looks familiar

Recently, I’ve been thinking a lot about what it means to be a feminist. Well, not recently, I pretty much always think about that, but more specifically how I define feminism and how it carries through on this blog, in terms of what I post  and what other people submit.

I started this blog under the impression that it would be a place for girls to share their opinions and experiences, their thoughts on feminism or just their thoughts on life in general. For me, the feminist aspect of this blog was less in the intricacies of the content of each post but more in the act of girls finding strength in their own voice and strength in a community. However, I want to …

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Feminism | Posted by Katherine C on 05/18/2010

Brilliance is Human

We’ve all read about the studies and statistics on girls in school- that we self-defeat in math and science, that we don’t speak up in class. That we’re afraid. But what about when our teachers and classmates doubt us- when they question our individual intrinsic creativity? Why is brilliance perceived as masculine?

My friend Zoey is a mathematical genius; she was playing around with complex multiplication problems when she was four. She’s in the Higher Math class, in which there is a smaller contingent of über-math-brains: kids who are passionate about math and have a real talent for it. Brilliant people, all. Zoey is the only girl. She asked the teacher if she could move her seat to where these high-performing boys sit so that she could collaborate with them. …

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Feminism | Posted by Julie Z on 03/5/2010

But You Don’t Act Like A Feminist?

high school, must accurately portrayed in Disneys HSM movies

high school, must accurately portrayed in Disney's HSM movies

High school is a magical place. Throw a bunch of horny teenagers who are trying to figure out who the hell they are into a building that looks more like an insane asylum circa 1960 than a place of eduction. Add an average of 4 hours of sleep to trigonometry and there you have it: a group of completely accepting, totally open minded individuals.

Except not at all.

To some extent, I can understand why there are so many teenagers who are pretty close-minded. For one, we’re young. We haven’t had a lot of life experiences or been exposed to that much (relatively). Of course that’s not always true, but there are indeed some teens who are content to consume all …

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