Pop-Culture | Posted by Brian C on 10/31/2010

Support Women Artists Sunday: The Puppini Sisters

Deja vu is a sensation that can give you the jitters, that’s why The Puppini Sisters, a trio from England, deliver for a special Spooky version of SWAS this week. The Puppini Sisters do a 1940s harmony cover of popular songs, delivering a double dose of eerie deja vu-the feelings of an era past and a head scratching when you hear a song you’ve heard on the radio in a completely unique way.

ANYWAYS. The members are Italian Marcella Puppini and English Stephanie O’Brien and Kate Mullins. Although the three are not related, they chose their name in tribute to The Andrews Sisters. Puppini first studied fashion design at St. Martins School of Art, and later music at Trinity College of Music where she met Stephanie O’Brien and Kate Mullins. …

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Pop-Culture | Posted by Jenae S on 10/3/2010

Support Women Artists Sunday: Caitlin Crosby

Caitlin Crosby is an artist who gives me hope for the pop music genre.

Rarely in pop music do you hear a young woman singing about body acceptance, but that’s exactly what Caitlin Crosby sings about.  Her songs Imperfect is the New Perfect, and Flawz preach acceptance, and loving yourself for you.

with lyrics like

“I don’t wanna look like you because
You’re too perfect, too perfect
And I don’t want to fill your shoes because
It’s not worth it, it’s not worth it
I don’t fit the mold
I am real
Too colorful to conceal
Imperfect is the new perfect”


“Just dry your eyes, you’re beautiful
I understand, it’s logical
‘Cause these images are everywhere
They’ll make believe, so don’t compare
I will not compare
We’re every shape

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Pop-Culture | Posted by Brian C on 09/5/2010

Support Women Artists Sunday: New Young Pony Club

NYPC are a four piece rock band from London, England, containing members from London, Hereford, Cambridge and Bromley. Their influences are prominently from post-punk and New Wave. New Young Pony Club are influenced by many different bands and acts, and try not to risk becoming too close to the sound of any one other band. Their own take on their music is “We marry the dance ethic with the pop ethic, and make something that you can dance to and sing along to”

Mutual friends introduced now London-based vocalist Tahita Bulmer and producer Andy Spence, who shared a love of punk rock and dance music. The founding pair began writing together, originally only for Bulmer to perform. Spence later assumed a larger role when they decided to form a proper

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Feminism, Pop-Culture | Posted by Talia on 08/31/2010

Allison Iraheta and the Glamorization of Violence

When Allison Iraheta was on American Idol, I really liked her, and was upset when she got voted off. One of my friends fell totally in love with her. “You gotta hear her single, ‘Friday I’ll Be Over U,’ it rocks,” she kept hocking me. I finally looked it up on YouTube and was unimpressed. When my friend kept insisting that I had to listen to the whole album, I got it from the library.

Since this isn’t an album critique, I won’t go into detail about how Allison sold her soul to the Music Industry Devil by singing teenybopper songs when she has more of a Janis Joplin appeal. What I will go into detail about is the plain old anti-woman offensiveness on the album. The songs …

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Pop-Culture | Posted by Brian C on 08/22/2010

Support Women Artists Sunday: Katy B

Katy B-(Katie Brien) is an English singer-songwriter and a graduate of the BRIT School. She is a R&B, funky, house and garage singer and has also performed under the name Baby Katy. Having been offered “major label deals” in 2009, she released her first single with the label Rinse in 2010. She has just completed a degree in Popular Music at Goldsmiths College, London.

DJ NG’s song “Tell Me”, which she featured on as Baby Katy, was released on a white label and later signed to Ministry of Sound. Katy B has collaborated with Geeneus to cover the Kevin Saunderson produced “Good Life” and the track “As I”. She also provides vocals on the track “Hold Me” for The Count and Sinden’s upcoming debut album Mega Mega Mega and features

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Pop-Culture | Posted by Brian C on 08/15/2010

Support Women Artists Sunday: Lykke Li

Li Lykke Timotej Zachrisson Li was born in Ystad, Skåne in 1986; her mother is a photographer, her father is a musician.[2] The family moved to Stockholm when Li was a toddler and later moved to a mountaintop in Portugal when Zachrisson was six, where they lived for five years; the family also spent time in Lisbon and Morocco and spent winters in Nepal and India.[2][3] She moved to the neighborhood of Bushwick, Brooklyn inNew York for three months when she was 19.[4][5][6] She returned when she was 21 to record her album.[7] When not touring, she resides in the Södermalm district of Stockholm.


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Pop-Culture | Posted by Julie Z on 07/11/2010

Support Women Artists Sunday: Vanessa Paradis

Born in St. Maur, France on December 22, 1972, Vanessa enjoyed singing from an early age. Her career began to develop after she was discovered on a popular TV show entitled L’Ecole Des Fans; a French TV program that provides little children with the opportunity to demonstrate their talents.

Years later, when Vanessa turned thirteen, she recorded her first single called La Magie Des Surprises-Parties (the magic of surprise parties). Her career really skyrocketed when her record-producing uncle, Didier Pain, was working with a singer on a song entitled Joe le Taxi in which Vanessa was invited to sing. The outcome was instant success.
In 1988, her very first album was M & J, and she later released Variations Sur Le Même T’aime. Her second album, the self-titled Joe was

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Pop-Culture | Posted by Julie Z on 05/2/2010

Support Women Artists Sunday: The Donnas

The Donnas are an American all-female rock band comprised of lead vocalist Brett Anderson (Donna A.), guitarist Allison Robertson (Donna R.), bassist Maya Ford (Donna F.), and drummer Torry Castellano (Donna C.)

The Donnas were initially considered to be an indie punk band in their early days, often described as “the Ramones meets the Runaways,” but as their music evolved, they become more influenced by hard rock and heavy metal bands including Kiss, Sweet, L7, and Guns n’ Roses. Covers of Judas Priest’s ‘Living After Midnight’ and ‘Too Fast For Love’ by Motley Crue have appeared on past albums.

All four members were born in 1979, and first formed a group together in 1993 called Ragady Anne, while they were in Grade 8. They continued to practise and play frequently

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