Feminism | Posted by Danielle B on 09/13/2010

Purity Balls: Why is our viriginity anybody’s business but our own?

I’d be surprised if this is your first time hearing about

Purity Balls. The issue has been beaten to death – both by Christian conservatives who think they’re the keenest thing since toilet paper, and liberals like myself who think they’re a huge infringement on the rights of young girls – but if this truly is your first time hearing the (slightly suggestive) term, let me explain:

Purity Balls are pretty much like weddings. They’re held in big, fancy hotels with elegant finger foods, butlers with bad comb-overs, and the occasional violinist in the corner. But instead of a bride and groom coming together to pronounce their love to the world, the fathers and daughters attending these things make vows of their own. In well-rehearsed, cult-like chanting, the daughters

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Feminism | Posted by Christina on 09/9/2010

My Feminist Rant

First off, I want to clearly state that I’m well informed about feminism and I associate myself with feminism, despite the fact that many things within the feminist movement bother me. For example, the idea that being “slutty like men” is liberating. It’s not. Self respect is for both genders. Liberation is being able to choose whoever you want to sleep with, without damaging yourself or someone else. I can just hear the sound of keys on keyboards typing, “You’re not a feminist. I can sleep around with as many people as I want and I shouldn’t be called a slut!” I’m tired of hearing those rants about using feminism as some excuse for self-damaging yourself. (Yes, too much sex can lead to many health problems as well …

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Feminism | Posted by Laura H on 04/2/2010

The War Against Teen Moms

I’ve always thought us young women are pretty lucky in the UK. As oppressive, patriarchal societies go, I’d say the one we enjoy is relatively mild. Legal abortions (though only up to 24 weeks and if two doctors agree), access to contraception, comprehensive sex education. Compared to a lot of places I could name, we’re got it quite good.

But yet, of course, there’s always the threat that all this could come crashing down around us. And when that’s in danger of happening we have to strike back. Fast. Because heaven knows we recognise how fragile what we have is.

Recently, the Daily Mail broke the story that Tory MP Tim Loughton, Shadow Children’s Minister, who has spoken out about his desire to prosecute underage teens who are sexually active. …

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