Creative | Posted by Julie Z on 06/10/2012

Support Women Artists Sunday: Madison Maxey

One Maddison Maxey blazer

Madison Maxey Inc, a growing fashion brand that creates unique blazers in fun and interesting cuts isn’t your typical fashion company.The brand was started by Madison Maxey, a 19 year old California native in December 2011. Her company is organized around one concept; “Blazers for the Individual.” All of her designs reflect the idea that the blazer can be a more creative garment than what most stores currently have to offer.

Says Maddison:  ”At age 8, I started learning to sew, and since then I would ask for sewing machines for Christmas instead of cell phones or make-up. I spent my summers sitting in on college classes to learn more about the industry and fashion and I devoured books written by my idols on how they …

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Pop-Culture | Posted by Julie Z on 04/18/2010

Support Women Artists Sunday: Rachel Roy and Jennifer Venditti

designer Rachel Roy

designer Rachel Roy

So, I recently got an e-mail in regards to SWAS – a regular feature on the FBomb. A reader asked why SWAS was restricted only to musicians…and basically I could think of no other answer than, “I’m really into music and not artistically inclined in other areas so that was really all that occurred to me.” I think it’s a damn good idea to expand the boundaries of these posts to all types of art – visual, design, dance, drama, writing, film: you name it, let’s SWAS it. I’m starting it off all on my own this week, but if you guys are fans of or know of any outstanding women in these fields, please email me suggestions ( But for now…

This week SWAS is all …

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