Creative | Posted by Jayna J on 09/3/2010


supposed to be,
supposed to be
supposed to be
supposed to be
-at least, what I AM supposed to be.
I guess, supposed to be
I am not
what I am —-
[supposed to be]
if I am not this girl,
what can I be?

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Creative | Posted by Emily B on 07/30/2010

Labeled It Love

I’m sick of the way you labeled it love
with emotions manufactured out of flesh and contrition
you can try to hide lust in the vat of a fairytale
but saying you love me isn’t a fucking baptism

I’m sick of the way your love disassembles so neatly
Tear down the plastic Christmas tree, break off the branches and the stem
I’m sick of the way you tried to love so completely
when, darling, we are Love’s intermission.

I’m sick of thinking about your tongue every time you start to speak
The line between love and friendship softened and malleable
I’m sick of the way you think of your love as a quaint antique
because, dear, the tarnish isn’t fucking valuable.

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Pop-Culture | Posted by Steph on 07/4/2010

Support Women Artists Sunday: Andrea Gibson

Andrea Gibson

Andrea Gibson

Andrea moved from New Orleans to Colorado in 1999, where she began attending weekly poetry readings at Denver’s political hub, The Mercury Café. In a years time she had rushed the scene, making her mark with the 2000 Denver Slam Team at The National Poetry Slam in Providence, Rhode Island. In the same year, Andrea joined Vox Feminista, a multi-passionate performance tribe of radical, political women bent on social change through cultural revolution. She went on to become a four-time Denver Grand Slam Champion. Andrea took 4th place out of 350 poets in the individual finals at the 2004 National Poetry Slam in St. Louis, while simultaneously leading Team Denver to a 2nd place title in the team competition.

Andrea has headlined everywhere from the Nuyorican Poet’s Café, …

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