Creative | Posted by JessicaMc on 05/13/2011


Vaginas and clitorises and lips,

cut to pieces, ripped open,

stitched up, closed up,

torn apart like dispensable junk.

Hanging bits of flesh

falling to the ground

and blood-soaked thighs trembling,

shaking in anguish.

Smell the dehumanization,

taste the mutilation:

metal, tears, blood, dirt, and sweat

between your lips,

between hers.

A vagina, treated worse than a toilet:

things shoved up there, seized out,

forced in: sharp knives, rough hands,

oiled guns, splintered brooms,

metal handles, thick rods, angry fists,

broken bottles, bruised egos,

men’s patriarchal muscle hanging

from their legs thrust in.

Females from the equator

to the prime meridian

hold back, embarrassed –

believing what we’re told:

our vagina needs to be

pink and pretty, like a petunia

and smell like one too –

no imperfections: no knicks, …

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Feminism | Posted by Ashley P on 07/9/2010

Female Bodies and Female Genital Mutilation: There is No Room for Compromise



Apparently, parental request for altering their young daughters’ genitalia had reached the magnitude to which the American Academy of Pediatrics issued their policy statement in April condoning and introducing the implementation of a “mild” procedure where a girl’s clitoris could be “nicked” in order to satisfy a certain element of “cultural sensitivity.” Recently, however, the AAP has withdrawn the policy statement made in April and have since reverted back to the their initial stance as deeming any altering of the female genitals “unnecessary”. However, the fact remains our AAP felt compelled to compromise in the realm of Female Genital Mutilation.

Female Genital Mutilation is not an issue of cultural differences, nor should it be observed as one. In reality, FGM is an inhumane, cruel, and botched exertion of …

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