Feminism | Posted by Alec A on 08/8/2011

DSK the Woman Hater and That Hooker Maid: A Gender Story

Unless you’ve taken to your fallout shelter in tepid anticipation of the national default – which has for the moment been averted – you’ve undoubtedly caught wind of the Dominique Strauss-Kahn maid bashing that has shot vitriol all over the court like a Sharapova tennis match.

Beneath the French public’s unsurprising distaste for the impotence of the American justice system (and American noses turned up to sniff the dubious legal proceedings) lies oblique gender commentary.

Let’s recap. During May this year DSK – until recently the managing director of the International Monetary Fund – checked into the swanky Sofitel hotel in New York City. A thirty-two year-old maid – Nafissatou Diallo of Guinea – alleged that she was assaulted upon entering the financial giant’s hotel room in order to perform …

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Pop-Culture | Posted by Julie Z on 04/24/2011

Support Women Artists Sunday: The Konki Duet

The Konki Duet

The Konki Duet

Active Suspension is a quietly brilliant little French label with a fondness for maverick electronica music. Though probably the most gentle record AS have released, it’s also the deepest, most inspired. The Konki Duet appear to be a French/Japanese hybrid and the title is a play on the cover version within – Visage’s “Fade To Grey.” It’s an intriguing quilt of smallbeat electronica, real strings, drums and exquisite vocal harmonies that puts me in mind of an eerier Mùm. ‘A Sigmund Freud Odissey’ features the broken souled vocal of one Orval Carlus Silelios – his name, a recommendation in itself to check this record out. My other favourite, ‘Cindy,’ is a surprising foot-to-the-floor, mangled-Bangles.

Planète Sauvage


The Konki Duet on iTunes: The Konki Duet

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